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Book Giveaway winner: The Colour of Kerosene

The Colour of Kerosene Thank you to entrants for the Book Giveaway: The Colour of Kerosene – I have drawn a winner using the random number generator at and am pleased to announce that the winner is James Tierney.

The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories, by Cameron Raynes is a new collection from Wakefield Press.  This is the blurb from their website:

In these fourteen stories, Cameron Raynes traverses landscapes of regret, joy and redemption. In a country town, a woman plots to ruin her rival with an act steeped in racism. A welfare worker is asked to spy on a colleague. And in the award-winning title story, a taxi driver accepts a fare he knows he shouldn’t:

They headed east, the nude hills of the Geraldton plains, stripped of their trees a century before, leaning into them on both sides as the car climbed into the marginal country. Behind him, Luke heard the gurgle of fluid sluicing out of a bladder and into a cup, smelt the sweet stink of cheap wine. It occurred to him that it was not too late to turn back.

Cameron Raynes has worked in Perth, Meekatharra, Katherine, Darwin and Adelaide as a barman, welfare worker, anthropologist, historian, archivist,editor, academic and scriptwriter. He has a PhD on the moral subtext of Aboriginal oral history and writes whenever he can. He lives in Semaphore and is currently writing a script for a feature film based on his story, ‘The Colour of Kerosene’.

‘Reading the stories in Kerosene will put dirt under your fingernails. Raynes’s vision is hard-edged and sometimes downright brutal yet it’s studded with empathy, compassion and truth.’ – Patrick Allington

If you saw the review in the Australian you will know that this is an impressive collection.  Kirsten Krauth says that Raynes delivers passion in every word and she enjoyed discovering characters off the beaten track: isolated, desperate, uncertain where they’re heading, whether to turn up or turn off.

Please remember that if I don’t already have your postal address, it is a condition of entry that you contact me within 10 days.  So James, if you don’t get in touch, using the contact address right at the bottom of the RHS menu then I will re-draw  to draw a new winner.

Commiserations to those who missed out this time.  If you’d still like to read  the book (and I hope you do!) please follow the links below:

Fishpond: The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
Or direct from Wakefield Press (print) or eBook).

Many thanks to Wakefield Press for supplying the complimentary copy.


  1. Hello Lisa,
    Thanks so much for this win! Look forward to reading it.


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