Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 9, 2013

2013 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award shortlist

The 2013 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award shortlist has just been announced.

I’ve only read two of these but I have harvested a couple of reviews from the best bloggers I know, and will look for more.

For more information see International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

PS I am proud to know that classy line-up of bookblog reviewers from around the world!  If you are not already subscribed to their blogs, you should be:)

City of Bohane The Map and the Territory Pure 1Q84: Books 1, 2 and 3 The Buddha in the Attic The Tragedy of Arthur Swamplandia! From the Mouth of the Whale The Faster I Walk, the Smaller I am Caesarion


  1. I’ve only read two of these, but I did post six times on ‘1Q84’…


    • Stu (from Winston’s Dad) will be pleased to see so many books in translation on this list!


  2. absolutely adored Sjon’s book, and although In liked 1q84 (have the t-shirt) didn’t think it his best work, do remember enjoying reading & posting on Caesarian a while back


  3. Here is a link to my review of “The Tragedy of Arthur”. I loved the book and am happy it is getting some recognition.


  4. Pleased very much Lisa but not a surprised as others I think this shows a more books in translation been made and b there maybe is a weakness and blandness in uk and american fiction at this moment ,this is what happens when bean counters run publishing these days ,all the best stu


  5. Well, that’s a good selection. The only one I would definitely pass on is the Houllebecq . I’ve read and reviewed Pure (excellent), From the Mouth of the Whale (so, so) and Ceasarion (strange but compelling). My money would be on Pure I think which has already had tremendous acclaim – even in France and that’s saying something!


    • Thanks, Tom, I’ve added a link to your review of Pure. Now I only need to find a quality review of City of Bohane!


  6. This is where my non-Anglo side comes through to shine, but it’s a sad state of affairs for literature if this counts as a list with a high proportion of international titles. Not that I doubt the quality of the books here (I adored The Buddha in the Attic, and appreciate it more and more as time goes by), but it always seems strange to me just how Anglo-focused an award that’s supposed to celebrate world literature can be…


    • Absolutely, and yet despite these shortcomings, the IMPAC probably one of the most inclusive. The current Women’s (ex orange) Prize is a classic example of insularity.


  7. I LOVE Graham Swift’s Wish You Were Here and his art in general. For me it is a catastrophe. I would have liked to see the mature Graham Swift’s efforts rewarded for once (he sadly failed at the Sunday Times short story award this year). I find his talents as an experienced novelist and an excellent short story writer are underestimated. I won’t take any of that shortlist, therefore.


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