Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 16, 2013

Carrie Tiffany wins 2013 Stella Prize for Mateship with Birds

Mateship with BirdsJust a quick post to tell you that Carrie Tiffany has won the inaugural Stella Prize for Mateship with Birds.

My review is here and you can read more about Carrie Tiffany here.

To buy the book, visit

(Australia) Fishpond: Mateship with Birds


  1. What timing… I’ve just started reading it!


    • I look forward to seeing what you make of it:)


  2. Wonderful news. Loved the book and really like Tiffany’s writing. So happy for her.



    • I like the sly humour of Tiffany’s writing, and I admire that take-a-risk edginess as well. I’m delighted to hear that she’s writing another one, we had to wait a long time for Mateship with Birds after Everyman’s Rules!


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