Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 19, 2013

Questions of Travel, by Michelle de Kretser wins 2013 Miles Franklin Award

Questions of Travel
The 2013 Miles Franklin Award was announced today, and I am so pleased that the judges have chosen Questions of Travel, by Michelle de Kretser.

There were other really beaut books in the shortlist, but I feel that this one fulfils all my criteria for a worthy winner.  It’s delicious to read, it’s thought-provoking, it’s about modern multicultural Australia, it’s about contemporary social issues – and people will still be reading it in years to come and agreeing that it’s a great book.

Check out a Sensational Snippet here, and my enthusiastic review here.

Congratulations to the author, her editor and the team at Allen and Unwin!

PS Many thanks to the publicist at Honner media for the helpful email announcement – at 1.32om :)


Fishpond: Questions of Travel


  1. I’m so delighted she won this… the announcement was at 4.30am here, so lovely news to wake up to this morning.


    • I was at work, so I knew, but couldn’t post it on the blog!
      I think it is a popular win, though now I’m hoping that The Mountain will pick up something too, have you read that one yet? It’s terrific:)


      • I’m just glad I got my review posted last night — just 5 hours before the announcement! Talk about last-minute timing.

        Haven’t read The Mountain, but I do like the sound of it. Not sure it’s available here… will have to look into it.


        • It gets a bit frantic at this time of the year with all the awards coming thick and fast, but it’s nice to be spoiled for choice with nice books to read.


          • True. But I must admit I’m hankering to read stuff published prior to 2013 right now. I’m beginning to feel like a PR factory for new books!


            • Yeah, it can get like that. That’s why I like to have a bit of a plan for what I mean to read … I don’t feel I have to stick to it slavishly, but it keeps me on track for reading to *my* agenda and not to anyone else’s.


  2. Wonderful news! Congratulations to Michelle de Kretser! I love the title, and I would love to read this book. Am off to read your review now :)


  3. I’m so excited about this. The day before the announcement I received this book as a gift. Woo hoo!


    • I can’t wait to see your review, Laura:)


  4. Looking forward to reading this too, nice to see it win this prize after being nominated for a few others too.


    • Hopefully the money means she can give up the day job for a while and we won’t have to wait so long for the next one.


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