Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 2, 2013

2013 National Bookshop Day Sat August 10


On Saturday 10th August bookshops all over Australia will be celebrating National Bookshop Day. Now in its third year, this national event highlights the importance of books and bookstores within our communities.

I’ll be joining in the celebrations at Benn’s Bookstore at 437 Centre Road Bentleigh
(Ph: 03 9557 3969 :, open  SAT 9am – 5pm)

I plan to be there between 11.30am and 12.30pm because

*drum roll*

Their special guest, Elliot *swoon* Perlman, award winning author of The Street Sweeper, (see my review) Three Dollars, Seven Types of Ambiguity and The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming, will be at the bookshop between 11.30am – 12.30pm.
Elliot will be delighted to chat with customers and sign copies of his books.  (You can find out more about him beforehand at Meet an Aussie Author).

There will be lots of giveaways throughout the day, including a special gift title with purchases over $20 and fabulous goodie bags for younger readers (while stocks last). They will also be offering reduced prices on selected bestselling titles.

Join the celebrations!

PS I’ll be wearing my ANZ LitLovers badge, so do come and introduce yourself on the day!


  1. Lucky you .. that would be nice. (I didn’t know you had a badge, btw. How clever of you!)


    • I had it made a little while ago because I went to a couple of literary events – where of course, the people I went to meet had no idea what I looked like. So I had to remember to carry a copy of whatever book it was that I had said I’d carry as an identifier. Which, of course, I had finished reading by the time I went to the event, so I had to carry two books in the handbag *and* then try to hold it so that it was visible while also managing the handbag, the champagne and canapés, and it was all so silly that I decided that a simple nametag badge for about $15 would solve the problem …


      • Oh yes, I know about carrying books … I always carry an Austen. I think I’d be too shy to wear a badge … But love your idea and ingenuity! I’m off to a conference today at the NLA and am wondering whether I’ll out myself to anyone. Murray Bail is the keynote speaker. I can’t wait …


        • I’ve been following your tweets from the NLA conference!


          • I hope they made sense. It’s been a great day, with Bail being pretty provocative.


            • Will you blog it?
              (I like Bail. The Pages was brilliant).


              • Probably … life is really busy at present but I hope to blog bits of it at least. I might raise the Bail one in Monday Musings. Still thinking … I like Bail too. Loved Eucalyptus, and The Pages. Finally started reading The voyage. Looks great too (I know you reviewed it. I noted it but didn’t read it … will check it out when I’ve read it.)


                • I wish he would write more, but I guess that’s a bit unreasonable of me.
                  BTW you could have a little brooch made, in the shape of a beautiful bluegum leaf …


                • LOL, I could do that! I do have a gold plated gumleaf my parents gave me … that might be subtle enough. (I was outed today by one person … but then, she knew me in my previous working life and had put two and two together!)


  2. Whenever I read about events such as these, I sigh with relief. I am so pleased they still exist; that people can make a living running a book store. Like many book lovers, I do purchase online, but I also visit bookstores and buy something whenever I can (there’s something about the smell, the soft rustle of pages, the people). And I know you do a lot to champion to the cause of bookstores.
    Sounds like it will be a great day at Ben’s. I wish I was in Melbourne so I could find you and your ANZ LitLovers badge and give you a huge thank-you hug on behalf of the writers, readers and book store owners of Australia.


    • Hi Karenlee, dates for my next Qld trip are in the parcel on its way to you:) Maybe, maybe we can fix a meetup date this time!


  3. This is wonderful, Lisa! Hope you have a wonderful time on National Bookshop day! I wish I could come on 10th to Benn’s Bookstore and catch up with you. Eliot Perlman’s ‘Seven Types of Ambiguity’ is such a beautiful title. Have you reviewed it here? Happy National Bookshop Day!


    • Hi Vishy, it’s a great concept, I think. I’ve read all of Perlman’s books except his short story collection, but the only one I’ve reviewed here is The Street Sweeper, because I read the others long before I started this blog. But I really do recommend Seven Types of Ambiguity, it is a wonderful book and very clever in its conception.
      BTW The Train to Pakistan arrived in the mail during the week and it is near the top of my TBR pile:)


      • Thanks for telling me more about Perlman’s books, Lisa. I will look for ‘Seven Types of Ambiguity’. I love that title so much :) Great to know that ‘Train to Pakistan’ has arrived! Happy reading! I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.


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