Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 26, 2013

September Heights Day 24: vale Kofi Awonoor

Reading Pleasure

September Heights. Day 24. The Prompt is Strive.

Over the weekend Ghana lost one of her illustrious sons in the Kenyan carnage. Armed men stormed an upscale shopping mall in the capital and opened fire on shoppers and other civilians. About a 60 are reported dead with about a 200 critically injured. Prof Kofi Awonoor, Ghana’s former Chairman of the Council of State, a university don with specialty in  English and Literature, a poet, writer and a former ambassador to  the UN was gunned down in cold blood while attending a literary event.  His body will be flown home tomorrow. His son, who was with him  was also shot and critically injured.

This cascade of haiku is my humble tribute to Prof Kofi Awonoor.


winds of death

sweep in a convulsing arc

we strive for meaning


we strive for meaning

in a world of blood and tears


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  1. Thank you so much, Lisa.


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