Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 10, 2013

2013 Nobel Prize for Literature

This is a new feature from the Nobel prize website, which (hopefully) enables me to embed the announcement of the 2013 Prize for Literature on this blog, even if I become so absorbed in the book I’m reading during the wait that I miss the announcement myself!
You may need to press the play button to get it started.

Ok, back to reading Peter Goldsworthy’s memoir, His Stupid Boyhood …

Update: LOL it worked for the countdown but it stopped working for the announcement: Alice Munro, the Canadian author renowned for her short stories, is the winner for 2013.


  1. Alice Munro!


  2. Hurrah! The first Canadian ever to win this, I understand. Kevin from Canada says on his blog today that “it is a sign of Munro’s humility that after winning [Canada’s Giller] Prize twice she asked her publishers to stop submitting her books for consideration.”


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