Posted by: Lisa Hill | February 22, 2014

Book Giveaway: The Yellow Papers, by Dominique Wilson

The Yellow PapersIt’s been a while since I’ve had a Giveaway, and this one is something special.

Here’s the blurb:

‘Dominique Wilson is a wonderful storyteller. Spanning the histories of China and Australia, this tale, woven between tenderness and violence, percolates with alternating emotions until the final page is turned. The research is impeccable, the realism unforgiving.’ Brian Castro, award-winning author of Shanghai Dancing and After China.

‘Moving and thought-provoking. An outstanding  novel of originality and psychological depth.’ Julienne van Loon, award-winning author of Road Story and Harmless.

It’s 1872 and China – still bruised from its defeat in the two Opium Wars – sends a group of boys, including seven-year-old Chen Mu, to America to study and bring back the secrets of the West. But nine years on Chen Mu becomes a fugitive and flees to Umberumberka, a mining town in outback Australia. He eventually finds peace working for Matthew Dawson, a rich pastoralist. When the bubonic plague ravages Sydney, Matthew Dawson’s daughter returns to her father’s property with her son, Edward. But it’s a lonely life for a small boy surrounded only by adults, and he soon befriends Chen Mu, forging a friendship that will last a lifetime.
Years later, Edward visits a mysterious and decadent Shanghai, where he falls in love with Ming Li, the beautiful young wife of a Chinese businessman, until invading Japanese armies tear the couple apart. Many years pass before the couple reunite, each scarred by the events of World War II and the Korean War. But will it be only to be torn apart once again?

The Yellow Papers is a story of love, obsession and friendship set against a backdrop of war and racial prejudice.

dominique trans

Dominique Wilson was born in Algiers to French parents. She grew up in a country torn by civil war, until she and her family fled to Australia. Her short stories have been published nationally and read on ABC Radio, and one of her short stories was made into a short film. She was founding co-managing editor of Wet Ink: the magazine of new writing, and Chair of the Adelaide branch of International PEN. She holds a Masters and a PhD in Creative Writing.

All entries from Australian or New Zealand residents will be eligible but it is a condition of entry that if you are the winner, you must contact me with a postal address by the deadline that will be specified in the blog post that announces the winner. (I’ll redraw if this deadline isn’t met).

So, be in it to win it!  Register your interest in comments below and I’ll draw the winner at the end of next week using a random generator.

Author: Dominique Wilson
Title: The Yellow Papers
Publisher: Transit Lounge 2014
ISBN: 9781921924613
Source: Giveaway copy courtesy of Transit Lounge


Transit Lounge: The Yellow Papers
Fishpond: The Yellow Papers


  1. This sounds fascinating Lisa, with its several countries, many decades and diverse social and historical issues. Thanks for the opportunity.


  2. Sounds wonderful, thanks Lisa.


  3. Sounds a great read, thank you Lisa.


  4. I’d love to read this. Thanks for the offer. I’m interested to read Dominique’s work; I was so disappointed that ‘Wet Ink’ folded.


  5. Hello Lisa and fellow book enthusiasts,
    The Yellow Papers by Dominique Wilson seems very intriguing. As I was reading the review, I thought of the novels- Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie and The Gangstar We Are All Looking For by Le Thi Diem Thuy. It captures the intimate spaces inhabitated by people who are made vulnerable by love, war, and familial ties.


  6. Hi Lisa,
    I am living in Denmark and have been a huge fan of ANZ literature since my first visit to Asutralia in 1995. My 28-year old daughter is living in Sydney these days, and I can provide her address details, should I be the lucky winner. My daughter sends me many books to read, the most recent one being Cairo by Chris Womersley, which was a wonderful read. Next is Burial Rites by Hannah Rites, which received mixes reviews from you. Have to see for myself.
    Thank you for a very interesting blog, which I use to ask for new titles from my daughter. Shipping is expensive, but I can’t get used to reading ebooks :-)


    • Oh I can certainly relate to the eBooks quandary! I’m reading an old Gutenberg text on my kindle and it decided to have a hissy fit today and froze completely.
      I’m happy to include you in the draw on the basis that I can send the book to your daughter, it’s only the cost of postage that deters me from opening giveaways up to all, I did it once and it cost me over $50 to post the book to the winner *ouch* .
      Thank you for your kind comments, that’s what it makes it all worthwhile:)


  7. This sounds very interesting.


  8. Hi Lisa thanks for all your recommendations. I love these Chinese stories. Hope all is going well for you and the book club. Heather Hill


    • Thanks, Heather, I’m just about to start reading it myself so I’ll be writing a review soon:)
      (BTW I bet you’re glad to see the back of that brutal weather, eh?)


  9. A fantastic giveaway indeed Lisa. A copy of this book is already on its way to me for review apparently and I’m very much looking forward to reading it.


    • Yes, everything I’ve ever read from Transit Lounge has been terrific:)


  10. Thanks for the chance Lisa. This sounds wonderful.


    • It’s good to see so much interest in this one, good luck everyone!


  11. Sounds great, I could really do with a new book too! Count me in, thanks for the chance! :)


  12. […] you to entrants for the Book Giveaway for The Yellow Papers by Dominique Wilson – I have drawn a winner using the random number generator at and am pleased to announce […]


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