Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 2, 2014

New on the TBR from Open Letter Books

Thanks to my mate Stu at Winston’s Dad on Twitter, I found out about a special offer from Open Letter Books – and the books arrived today!

Open Letters Books is  supported by the University of Rochester to publish great works of literature in translation, and their “First 25” and “First 50” are complete sets of the first 25 and 50 books discounted by more than 50% for the First 25 set and over 65% for the First 50 set.  The offer includes free shipping, yes, even all the way here to Australia!

Irresistible! Click here to find out more.

The only problem is going to be choosing which ones to read first!


I’m on the lookout for reviews of these books to help me choose which ones to read first.
So far, I have just one to guide me:

The Pets, by Bragi Olafsson, reviewed by Guy at His Futile Preoccupations


  1. This is so awesome, Lisa! I checked out the list. Nice to see Marguerite Duras there :) Enjoy your new acquisitions! Happy reading!


  2. Wonderful collection of books read one from this lot private lives of trees but sure will get another few read other time


    • Have you got a review of it that I can link to from here, Stu?


      • It was one that fell through my net and I didn’t get round to reviewing have reviewed his most recent book


        • Not to worry, no one can review everything they read! I just like to link to my trusted friend’s reviews when I can:)


  3. I loved THE PETS if that’s any help.


  4. Oh my goodness, Lisa, you shouldn’t tell me these things. Which did you go for, the 25 or the 50?


    • Just checked… not sure that shipping is free, but still a wonderful offer!

      The only book I’ve read on the list (of 25) is the Private Life of Trees, which I quite enjoyed.


      • This is the 25. LOL I decided to exercise *some* restraint, just not much!


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