Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 8, 2014

2014 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards

I haven’t been able to keep up with the awards lists this year, but I’m on holidays at the moment so here’s the NSW Premier’s Shortlist:


The Secret Lives of Men, Georgia Blain (Scribe Publications), see Karenlee’s Thompson’s guest review
The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Richard Flanagan (Random House) Australia), see my review
The Railwayman’s Wife, Ashley Hay (Allen & Unwin), see my review
Questions of Travel, Michelle de Kretser (Allen & Unwin), see my review
Game, Trevor Shearston (Allen & Unwin), my copy of this is on its way so I hope to have a review of it soon Update 2/6/16 See my review
The Swan Book, Alexis Wright (Giramondo Publishing, see my review


The Night Guest, Fiona McFarlane (Penguin Group (Australia), see my review
Holiday in Cambodia, Laura Jean McKay (Black Inc.)
The First Week, Margaret Merrilees (Wakefield Press), see my review
Letters to the End of Love, Yvette Walker (University of Queensland Press), see Karenlee’s guest review

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers, and many thanks to Karenlee Thompson for her regular contributions to this blog – with her help ANZ LitLovers has reviewed all but two of these notable books!

Find out about awards in the other categories here.



  1. Quite a few of these are also on the Miles Franklin longlist – they must be really good! I must get to the Flanagan and the Wright, both are languishing on my tbr pile. Congratulations ANZ Litlovers for having reviewed so many of these books.


    • Thank you, Sharon:) It’s certainly confirmation of the worth of a book when it gets onto both shortlists, I generally find that the NSW shortlist is more to my taste than some of the other premier’s shortlists, they are less likely to use it as an encouragement award. I’m interested to see that Game has made it onto both lists. I’m hoping to have my copy arrive soon, and then we’ll see: this is an author I’ve never heard of, which is interesting in itself.


      • I shall look forward to reading your review. I have also remembered that I have Questions of Travel in my tbr pile but I am quite nervous about starting it, I have read so many mixed reviews and really can’t face a demanding read at the moment. Perhaps I’ll leave it until I have more energy!


        • Sharon, I agree with what you say. I save up books like Questions of Travel for school holidays because I want to be able to read them uninterrupted. I think QoT is worth the demands it makes on the reader, and I love books that are a bit of a challenge, but yes, you have to get the timing right to read them.


  2. I am totally clueless with literature from A&NZ and you fill me in quite a lot. I was thinking I will see The Luminaries, unless I have lost track of time, which I think I might have.


    • That’s a thought, Nana, I wonder if a New Zealand author is eligible for the NSW awards? I don’t know what the eligibility rules are…


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