Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 10, 2014

2014 Kibble and Dobbie Longlists

Behold! Another lot of award longlists, and it’s nice to see that books I’ve admired are here too:)

Kibble Literary Award

Debra Adelaide – Letter to George Clooney (Picador Australia)
Georgia Blain – The Secret Lives of Men (Scribe)  see Karenlee’s Thompson’s guest review
Ashley Hay – The Railwayman’s Wife (Allen & Unwin) see my review
Rachel Hennessy – The Heaven I Swallowed: A Novel (Wakefield Press) see my review
Melissa Lucashenko – Mullumbimby (University of Queensland Press) see my review 
Kristina Olsson – Boy, Lost: A Family Memoir (University of Queensland Press)

Dobbie Literary Award

Sarah Drummond – Salt Story: Of Sea-dogs and Fisherwomen (Freemantle Press) see my review
Fiona McFarlane – The Night Guest (Penguin Group Australia) see my review
Margaret Merrilees – The First Week: A novel (Wakefield Press) see my review
Kate Richards – Madness: A Memoir (Penguin Group Australia)
Inga Simpson – Mr Wigg (Hatchette Australia)
Jill Stark – High Sobriety: My Year Without Booze (Scribe)

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers, and many thanks to Karenlee Thompson for her regular contributions to this blog – with her help ANZ LitLovers has reviewed all but two of these notable books!

Find out more about these awards here.


  1. I thought we had a lot of literary awards in Canada, but I have to admit that you Aussies really take prize competitions to a whole different level. :-)


    • Yes, most states have a premier’s literary award, and then there are a small number of privately endowed ones. But the one that really matters in prestige is the Miles Franklin, it’s like your Giller Prize.


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