Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 11, 2014

Sensational Snippets: The Wonders (2014) by Paddy O’Reilly

I have just finished reading Paddy O’Reilly’s stunning new novel, and – while I mull over what to write in my review – I thought I’d share a splendid little snippet from the novel.  It made me laugh out loud:)

Leon has been showing off his book collection to the very desirable Kathryn, and you (like Kathryn) can glean something of his personality by checking out some of the titles on his shelves:

  • Seven Steps to Self-Confidence
  • You Can Be a Better Lover
  • Mood Therapy for the Introvert

I won’t spoil this splendid scene by reproducing the repartee, except for Kathryn’s parting words at the conclusion of her inspection:

‘Buy a few novels, will you,’ she said over her shoulder as she swung out through the apartment doorway.  ‘They’re better than that self-help shite.’

Ain’t that the truth!

Don’t wait for my review, get your copy now!

Fishpond: The Wonders


  1. I’d wondered about this one. The synopsis hadn’t convinced me but that excerpt does – love it.


    • To be honest, I wasn’t so convinced by the synopsis either. But this book achieves the rare feat of being unputdownable whilst also offering food for thought.


  2. I love Paddy O’Reilly’s writings and I will be picking up The Wonders from the library this week. Her short story, The Salesman, is one of the best short stories I have ever read.


  3. Oh that is hysterical! ‘You can be a better lover’ cracks me up.
    I must check my shelves … I bet I have a few ‘doozies’ on display.


    • I reckon this scene was written just for me, because *embarrassed shrug* I’m one of those people who secretly judges you by what you’ve got (or haven’t got) on your bookshelves!


      • I did check and do have some embarrassing ones. If ever you come to visit, I must remember to squirrel away titles such as ‘The Bedside Book of Great Sexual Disasters’, a set of sex education books from the sixties, ‘Letters from Cicely’ (follow-on from the TV show ‘Northern Exposure’) and some rather raunchy anthologies. There’s also an Ita Buttrose book on modern etiquette which is not so ‘modern’ anymore. I even found a Mills and Boon tucked in behind some classics. I’ve had a fine old chuckle today.


        • LOL I’ve got far too many books about silky terriers…


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