Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 26, 2014

2014 Most Underrated Book Award shortlist

I am indebted to Books and Publishing for the following information, and to Jane Rawson for alerting me to it.

The Small Press Network’s shortlist for the 2014 Most Underrated Book Award is

*drum roll*

* This is a first for this blog: a link to a review by one of the other shortlisted authors!

The winner will be announced on 13 November.

As it says on the Small Press Network (SPN) website:

The shortlisted writers represent three of the original and worthy voices to be published by independent Australian publishers in the 2013 calendar year. These books show excellence in their genre and demonstrate quality of writing, editorial integrity and production. They have been overlooked for other prizes and have not generated the sales they deserve for any number of reasons other than the great quality of the products.

I’ve only read one of these, but if that’s any indication of the standard, these are excellent books.

Congratulations to all the authors, editors, publishers and cover designers – these small publishers put the cover designers of the big houses to shame!

Gardens of Fire: An Investigative Memoir A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists Holy Bible


  1. I’m a bit annoyed the award night is in Sydders this year. Last year I had a wonderful time at the Wheeler Centre and afterwards downstairs at The Moat for dinner. Anyway, good luck to all three short-listees. I know Jane on twitter and I’ve met Vanessa too.


    • It’s heartless isn’t it, Jenny? I have to rush up there after work on Thurs and get back in time for work on Fri. Now if it was at the Reverence in Footscray that would be much more convenient for me :)


  2. I finished Robert Kenny’s book last night,and it is a marvel. I wrote a quick review here Now, on to The Holy Bible…


  3. I agree- Gardens of Fire is brilliant and confronting. I reviewed it here


    • Thanks Janine – I read your review when you published it, but *smacks forehead* I wrote this very late at night and I’m afraid I didn’t remember it at the time. I’ve added the link now.
      I’ve found a review of Holy Bible too…


  4. I really do agree with your comments on cover design by small press.


    • I find it amazing. Small presses have so much less in the way of resources and yet they consistently produce covers that are interesting and appealing and often works of art in their own right, while the big companies just plonk any old font on top of a stock photo image that’s often got nothing to do with the story at all.
      I think it’s wonderful that the small presses are still able to offer work to creative designers:)


  5. […] at ANZLitLovers collected a few more reviews together, while the Australian Women Writers’ Challenge had a bit of a chat about my and […]


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