Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 23, 2014

ANZ LitLovers Best Australian and New Zealand Books of 2014

It’s always really difficult to single out books for lists like this – but here  – in reverse order of reading them – are the books that stood out for me this year.   My one 5-star read was N, by John A Scott, an unforgettable novel with all sorts of interesting twists and turns.

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  1. Navigatio by Patrick Holland – see my review
  2. The Golden Age by Joan London – see my review and a Sensational Snippet
  3. To Name Those Lost by Rohan Wilson – see my review
  4. The Cupboard Under the Stairs by George Turner – see my review
  5. A Million Windows by Gerald Murnane – see my review and a Sensational Snippet
  6. The Family Men by Catherine Harris – see my review
  7. The White Woman by Liam Davison – see my review
  8. The Wonders by Paddy O’Reilly – see my review and a Sensational Snippet
  9. After Darkness by Christine Piper – see my review
  10. Baby No-eyes by Patricia Grace – see my review
  11. The Memory Trap by Andrea Goldsmith – see my review and a Sensational Snippet
  12. The Neighbour by Julie Proudfoot – see my review
  13. N by John A Scott – see my review
  14. Thicker Than Water by Judith Colquhoun – see my review
  15. Riders in the Chariot by Patrick White – see my review and the Opening Lines
  16. The Bright Side of My Condition by Charlotte Randall  – see my review
  17. The First Week by Margaret Merrilees – see my review
  18. The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan  – see my review and a Sensational Snippet
  19. Just-a-girl by Kirsten Krauth – see my review
  20. Shame and the Captives by Tom Keneally – see my review and a Sensational Snippet

I’m pleased to note that this list – without the slightest bit of manipulation from me –  has resulted in an almost equal split along gender lines.



  1. If one could judge a book by its cover, they all look wonderful. I wish we had access to a wider range of Australian novels here in Canada.


    • We need to be better at marketing them – we get quite a few Canadian novels here. I must read The Orenda before long!


  2. Interesting list as always Lisa … I think my list will be quite different, partly because I’ve not read many of the books on your list!!


    • It was hard work to whittle them down, I read 60 Australian novels this year…
      I read some interesting NF this year too, more than I usually do.


      • I think if you choose well what to read, it’s always hard to whittle them down isn’t it?


        • LOL You know, of course, that I started out with the intention of choosing the Best Ten, which became 12, then 15, and then….


          • Fortunately we are bloggers and we can decide to have whatever we like as our top number can’t we?


  3. How lovely to read a “books of the year” post that doesn’t look like everyone else’s! I’ve only read a couple from your list; the others I will make a note of.


    • I wonder what my list would look like if I included the international fiction and translations I read this year? I read some great books from Africa, I loved every one of Zola’s, and I discovered Marguerite Duras and a new Hans Fallada, and Stoner was brilliant.


  4. This is not good Lisa, I have to add 9 more books to my TBR list. I am in Hobart for the month and will not have access to my library! Thanks for the list as I always like to check out your reads. Have a wonderful Christmas.


    • Thank you , Meg, and have a lovely time in Hobart. One of my favourite places to be, and of course you know about the excellent bookshop behind the Salamanca market, you won’t be short of books!


      • I certainly know it – and rely on it! My Hobartian brother and partner are big readers and I know that if I give them a book that they’ve read, this shop will pretty much always exchange it for them. I’ve only been to it a few times myself but I’m a BIG fan!!


  5. A wonderful list and love the slideshow, what beautiful covers! Great to see a list of titles from downunder, a wonderful reference to all your reviews. ‘N’ sounds fascinating, I hope it gets a wider audience. Ok, off to read some more of the reviews. :)


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