Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 16, 2015

#LoveOzYA – a hashtag dear to my heart!

Earlier this week on Facebook, I came across a post from Books+Publishing about a new initiative to promote Australian YA books.  It has a Twitter hashtag #LoveOzYA, and if you follow my Twitter feed @anzlitlovers, you may have noticed that I’ve retweeted some of their tweets… including the one promoting this poster.


Click on the image if you want to download your own copy or go here.

Now as you know, I don’t read much YA – and I didn’t read it when I was young because there was no such thing in The Olden Days –  but Danielle Binks has written a compelling argument  at Kill Your Darlings for why we should be encouraging our young people to read our own Aussie authors, and her Alpha Reader blog is a wealth of reviews of Australian YA.

So spread the word.  Aussie kids who read OzLit grow up to be adults who read OzLit.  And that matters, right?



  1. Keeping in mind for my Christmas shopping, thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Melissa – don’t forget there’s National Bookshop Day on August 8th!

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  2. How about Ivan Southall? Not home to scan my bookcase for others but anyway my father gave me mostly English ‘boys own’ type books. Can only think of Mary Grant Bruce for girls.


    • I think that Ash Road is a good one by Southall, I’ve read it to classes and they’ve really liked it. But some of his are a bit dated now so you’d need to be choosy. I can’t comment about Bruce, I tried something of hers one and gave it up in dismay….


  3. Glad to see Vicki Wakefield on the poster – Friday Brown is amazing. Also a fan of Clare Zorn’s work.
    I loved Brinsmead’s Pastures of the Blue Cranes when I was a teen – I loved having a story that was set in an area that I knew (northern NSW) with characters that could have been my class mates.
    It was one of the few Aussie books I read as a teen – this campaign is important – bravo!


    • Yes, what’s clever about this poster is that it addresses that problem of what-do-I-read-next? My local library has a series of bookmarks that works the same way, listing a title and then suggesting that if you liked that one, you might like other ones listed on the bookmark. That’s smart because it’s portable, and savvy readers can take it home and reserve the next book online.


  4. […] you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might remember from 2015 a snippet of news about the #LoveOzYA campaign and a follow-up post later that year? It is now my pleasure to introduce readers to the driving […]


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