Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 29, 2015

2015 National Bookshop Day coming up on August 8th

Love your Bookshop

Just a reminder that National Bookshop Day is coming up on August 8th, so make sure you are ready to support your favourite Aussie bricks-and-mortar bookshop… save up your pocket money, smash open those piggybanks, clear the credit card and map out a route so that you can visit as many shops as you can in one day!

I’m going to double-dip: I’ll be in Bendigo for the Bendigo Writers Festival, expecting to be seduced by much that’s in the festival bookshop, but I still need to support my local indies so I’ll be visiting them before or after the designated day:

And if I happen to be in the CBD for something or other, I’ll be dropping in on Readings and Readers Feast as well.

(We may be living on baked beans afterwards until my finances recover…)


  1. Stoneman’s in Castlemaine. I shall buy something there – after seeing you at the Writers Festival.



    • Fabulous bookshop, I’ve been there! And what’s the name of the one on the corner of the main street in Woodend? We spend a small fortune in there when we go to the Woodend Winter Arts Festival – and then off we go to the one across the road from Café Colenso!


  2. I’ll be working that day. Luckily I will be very close to one of my favourites (Books@Stones) so I’ll call in during my lunch break.


    • Lucky you! Only once in my teaching career was I ever within cooee of a bookshop so I could shop at lunchtime … but it was probably just as well I suppose or I would never have paid off the mortgage!

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