Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 11, 2015

Do We Still Want To Stretch Our Imagination?

This time, I went to the Script Club with my friend Mairi – but I can’t do better than her write-up of events, so read on!

Up the Creek with a pen ...


This paver in the Art Walk outside Melbourne’s Art Centre an apt quote as I attended The Script Club today to discuss yet another Australian play in the three-part series facilitated by theatre critic, John McCallum. The inaugural meeting covered in my post in August.

Today, ten of us discussed Jack Hibberd’s,  A Stretch Of The Imagination, using text courtesy of Currency Press (published 2000, reprinted 2014):

Monk O’Neill, the lonely misanthropist has become an archetype of the Australian character since he first appeared on our stages in 1971.

The book has two other perhaps better-known plays By Hibberd – Dimboola and White With Wire Wheels, but today we focused on  A Stretch Of The Imagination.  The blurb saying:

A Stretch Of The Imagination(1972) introduces us to the painfully lonely world of Monk O’Neill, one of the great comic creations of Australian dramatic literature. Monk’s…

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