Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 11, 2015

Game of Scones, All Men Must Dine, by Jammy Lannister #BookReview

Game of SconesIf you like watching HBO’s Game of Thrones, then this spoof recipe book may amuse you.

I am not entirely sure that the recipes are do-able.  For example, Daenerys’ Dragon Eggs and Unsullied Soldiers (without nuts) calls for these ingredients:

For each egg:

A divine right to rule
100g chocolate egg, about 12cm tall
70g pack chocolate buttons
Edible food colour sprays
Ships.  You’ll need ships unfortunately.

For the soldiers

I pack chocolate buttons, plus extra chocolate buttons for melting
I pack ladyfinger sponge biscuits
1 pack chocolate sticks.

… the method seems not to explain what to do with the ships and the divine right to rule…

Game of Scones_0001On the other hand the illustrations seem to suggest that people who enjoy making fiendishly difficult desserts and cakes will manage to achieve the required result.

For a themed party, there are interesting delicacies such as Joffrey’s Jaffa Poison Cup and Tyrion’s Shortbread.

You get the idea…

Author: Jammy Lannister
Title: Game of Scones, All Men Must Dine
Publisher: Hachette Australia, 2015
ISBN: 9781409160694
Review copy courtesy of Hachette Australia


Fishpond: Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine



  1. I don;t even need to read the book, I am going to just laugh at the title for a while!


  2. Oh god… The cringe factor! I love a good pun but a whole book would probably kill me 😜


    • Yeah, it’s one of those so-called gift books that you read once, and then you really don’t know what to do with it. But if you were a hard-core Thrones fan – people do have themed parties especially when a new series arrives – you’d probably add it to your collection of Throne memorabilia.


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