Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 21, 2016

Book Giveaway Winner: The Interpreter, by Diego Marani, translated by Judith Landry

The InterpreterIn the middle of last month, as an opportunity for people who read my reviews right to the end, I posted a sneak giveaway competition at the bottom of my review of Diego Marani’s the Interpreter, courtesy of Text Publishing.

This is the book blurb from the Text website:

After the acclaimed New Finnish Grammar and The Last of the Vostyachs, The Interpreter is the third in a trilogy of novels on the theme of language and identity.

The Interpreter is both a quest, a thriller, and at times a comic picaresque caper around Europe, while also exploring profound issues of existence.

Günther Stauber, head of Translation and Interpreting at a major international organisation in Geneva, seems to be suffering from a mysterious illness when his translations become unintelligible and resemble no known language. He insists he is not ill and that he is on the verge of discovering the primordial language once spoken by all living creatures. His boss, the novel’s narrator, Felix Bellamy, decides Günther has to go.

In turn, Felix starts speaking the same gibberish as the missing interpreter. And then his wife disappears, perhaps in search of Günther. He seeks help in a sanatorium in Munich where he is prescribed an intensive course in Romanian and forbidden from speaking French. He realises that he must talk to his missing colleague to understand what has happened to him and to have any hope of a cure. As he undergoes profound changes—speaking the language of dolphins, of whistles and squeaks—he is forced to confront the deep mysteries of life.

Essential reading for fans of Diego Marani, and for anyone interested in language.

There were six entries for the giveaway, and they were (in order of entry)

  1. Sue from Whispering Gums
  2. Aaron
  3. Jeni Wren
  4. Gert Loveday
  5. Tony
  6. Helen Parry

random 3 of 6The winner using a random number generator was *drum roll* Jeni Wren!

The book will be on its way to you tomorrow:)

If you missed out on the giveaway, you can always buy a copy from Fishpond: The Interpreter



  1. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Congrats Jeni Wren!

    I probably won’t buy it right now, much as I’d like to read it, and just chalk it up as a win for the TBR!!


  2. I read Finnish Grammar and loved it – is this one to the same standard? I have a feeling you reviewed it and said it was super. but the little grey cells are not working well today (a cold i picked up from my husband who of course denies he is the culprit)


    • Well, I do think Finnish Grammar is the pick of the bunch, but that might just be because it was the first one of his that I read. I do like his humour…
      I hope you feel better soon.


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