Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 1, 2016

Book Giveaway winner: The West-Eastern Divan of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe translated by Robert Martin

West­Eastern DivanWell now, you lucky lovers of classic poetry, it’s time to draw the giveaway for Goethe poetry book!

Thanks to Wakefield Press, ANZ LitLovers has a giveaway copy of a new translation of poems from the great Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated by Robert Martin.

This is the blurb:

The ageing Goethe finds new inspiration and youthfulness through the love of a young woman and the example of the great Persian poet Hafez. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832), a towering figure in German culture, was remarkably prolific in many literary genres. But much of his work is scarcely known in the English-speaking world. With this new translation, Robert Martin tries to remedy this situation with regard to one of Goethe’s most adventurous volumes of verse, the West–Eastern Divan. Here Goethe playfully pretends to be a Middle-Eastern poet, but draws on themes vital to all of humanity – love, creativity, wisdom, richness of life.

There were six entries, , and they were in order of entry:

  • Lynne Kelly
  • Bookswagblog
  • Catherine Davison
  • Mytwostotinki
  • MST
  • Glenice Witting.

The winner using a random number generator is

*drum roll*

4 of 6No 4: The winner is Mytwostotinki!

So, Mytwostotinki, you need to contact me with a postal address by June 15th.  (I’ll redraw if this deadline isn’t met).  I will pass on the postal address to Wakefield Press and they will post the book to you when it is released on June 30th.

Thanks to everyone who entered – good luck for next time:)

Many thanks to Wakefield Press for the giveaway copy:)

If you want to purchase your own copy, visit the Wakefield Press website or pre-order from Fishpond: The West-Eastern Divan of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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