Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 6, 2016

2016 Kibble and Dobbie shortlists

Oh, what a difference it makes when a competent publicist sends out a press release about literary news!  Thanks to Kate Miller from Honner Media for the press release which just arrived in my inbox.  Here are the nominees for the Kibble and Dobbie awards.

Kibble Literary Award for an established author ($30,000 prize)

Dobbie Literary Award for a first time published author ($5,000 prize)

  • Rush Oh! by Shirley Barrett (Pan Macmillan Australia), (See Kate’s review at Books Are My Favourite and Best)
  • Reckoning: A Memoir by Magda Szubanski (The Text Publishing Company)
  • Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar (Pan Macmillan Australia) See my review.

Sue at Whispering Gums Other trusted bloggers have reviewed a couple of these so I will scout around and add links to her their reviews when I’ve located them.

From the press release:

The awards are open to Australian female writers who have published a book of fiction or non-fiction classified as ‘life writing’. This includes novels, autobiographies, biographies, or any writing with a strong personal element.

Judge and Humanities Australia Editor, Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Webby AM, said: “This year’s shortlists demonstrate some of the many changes and continuities of life in Australia, especially for women.

“While the books shortlisted for the Kibble Award are mainly set in Sydney in recent decades, they provide great insights into such perennial human questions as the need to belong, to find friendship and love, balanced with the quest for independence and creativity.

“Those shortlisted for the Dobbie Award for a first book vary widely in time and place, taking us from the recent past through to World War II Poland, the whaling town of Eden in the early 20th Century, and South Australia’s Coorong in the 1850s.”

Professor Webby was joined on the judging panel by State Library of New South Wales Coordinator, Education & Scholarship, Dr Rachel Franks, and internationally renowned novelist, Dr Rosie Scott.

Perpetual’s National Manager of Philanthropy and Non-Profit Services, Caitriona Fay, congratulated all six shortlisted authors across the Kibble and Dobbie awards.

“As a long-time supporter and administrator of the award, Perpetual is proud to promote emerging and established Australian female writers,” she said.

“It’s great to see the influence of philanthropy in supporting authors to pursue their talent professionally and all six authors must be commended for their achievements.”

The Kibble Award winners will be revealed at an event in Sydney on 14 July at the State Library of New South Wales.

For more information about the Award, please visit



  1. Thanks for the links Lisa. Looks like interesting shortlists. I think I i need to read Treloar soon – since it is Franklin nominated too. But they all are worth reading I think.


  2. I was so pleased to see Rush Oh! on the list – seems like this book slipped under the radar a bit (despite me pressing it on everyone I know!).

    Thanks for the link Lisa (and the pointer, Jenny!).


  3. Hi Lisa, they are good lists. I have read all the books listed and would be happy for anyone from both lists to win, all great reads.


    • That’s a great recommendation, thanks.


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