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Reviews from Indigenous Literature Week at ANZ Litlovers 2016

 Indigenous Literature Week 2016 at ANZ Litlovers

ILW 2016

Cultural warning: Indigenous Australians are advised that some of the links from this blog include images or names of people now deceased.


Thanks to everyone who is participating in 2016 Indigenous Literature Week – I hope that hosting this celebration helps to make more people aware of our indigenous writing!

You are welcome to add your review/s early. I will be monitoring this page until the end of July.

When you are ready to share your reviews, please use comments below:


  • your name & the name of your blog (if you have one) and the URL where your review is posted (your blog, or your GoodReads or Library Thing account).

(Please do not add Amazon consumer reviews because they generate intrusive Amazon ads and I don’t care to support Amazon advertising).

  • If you don’t have a blog or a GoodReads/Library Thing account, then please share what you thought about the book you read in the comments section at the bottom of this post.
  • Or, if you’d like to write a review of greater length, contact me at anzlitloversATbigpondDOTcom about writing a guest review to be hosted on the ANZ LitLovers blog.

I will gather these links to generate a list which will be added under the headings below on this page. I will also add any new titles that crop up to the permanent Indigenous Reading List.

PS If you haven’t signed up to participate yet, or want to know more about ILW, click on the link at the top of this page.

2016 Reviews (in alphabetical order by author)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors

Also see

Maori Authors

  • Tu, by Patricia Grace of Ngati Toa, Ngati Raukawa and Te Ati Awa descent, see my review
  • ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You Sister’ (short story) by Witi Ihimaera of Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki descent, see my review

And from elsewhere…


  1. […] you have come to me from ANZ LitLover’s Indigenous Literature Week, coinciding with NAIDOC Week, 3-10 July 2016, then you might want to see other posts I have done in […]

  2. I have reviewed (at last!) Kim Scott’s Benang

    • Well done, Bill, yours is the first review for 2016, and what a great book to start off with:)

  3. I just posted my review of Celia’s Song, by Lee Maracle, a wonderful story by a Canadian First Nation woman. I loved the way she uses her people’s traditional beliefs as symbols for good and evil at work in the contemporary world.
    Marilyn Brady, Me, You, and Books,

    • Thanks, Marilyn, this sounds fabulous and I’ve bought a copy to read later. It will be the first book I’ve read from Canada’s First Nations when I get to it so I’m looking forward to it.

  4. I’ve reviewed The Swan Book by Alexis Wright on Goodreads –

    • I couldn’t comment on Goodreads, but great review Sharkell. The cover looked familiar so I must have given it as a present. Now I’ll have to find and read it.

      • Thank you wadholloway – you have made my day 😊. The cover is very striking.

    • Fantastic, thanks for a beaut review and thank you for joining in:)

      • Ah, it’s a great initiative Lisa – thank you for hosting. It was wonderful to be able to raid my shelves and pick a book that had been on there for a while. It made me realise how much indigenous literature I have to look forward to. And, it is amazing how much more attention you pay to a book if you know you are going to review it when you have finished ☺

        • What really pleases me is the way the reading list is gradually growing. Every year I get in a panic that I won’t have anything new to share, and every year something wonderful comes along!

  5. […] Add your reviews on this page! […]

  6. […] Cobby Eckermann has been on my radar for a while, so when Lisa announced her 2016 Indigenous Literature Week, I decided Eckermann’s verse novel Ruby Moonlight would be my first choice. This novel won […]

  7. Hi Lisa, I’ve posted my review of Ali Cobby Eckermann’s Ruby Moonlight:

    • Thank you, Sue, it sounds like a great book, I’ve put it on my wishlist for next year.

  8. […] you have come to me from ANZ LitLover’s Indigenous Literature Week, coinciding with NAIDOC Week, 3-10 July 2016, then you might want to see other posts I have done in […]

  9. Lisa, Here’s my review of Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

  10. […] I want to do it justice, so I’ll chase it up some other time.  In the meantime, however, there is just one lonely looking review of Maori writing for #IndigLitWeek 2016 – what to […]

  11. Basque lit for indigenous week lisa

    • Top stuff, Stu! How clever of you to find a book that fits for both #IndigLitWeek and Spanish Lit Month!

  12. […] Each July, book blogger Lisa Hill encourages bloggers to review books written by indigenous authors …. She chooses ‘Indigenous Literature Week’ to coincide with the Australian annual celebration of indigenous culture, NAIDOC Week. […]

  13. I just made it for NAIDOC Week! My review of Auntie Rita by Rita Huggins and Jackie Huggins is now on my blog:

  14. […] who brought disease, turned out to be the subject of my second choice for Lisa’s 2016 Indigenous Literature Week, Larissa Behrendt’s short story, “Under skin, in blood”. I chose it because I […]

  15. And here is the short story by Larissa Behrendt that I promised, Under skin, in blood:

  16. […] I will be monitoring the reviews page until the end of July and will add any additional reviews to the database using the comments box on the reviews page. […]

  17. […] on from Lisa at ANZLL’s recent Indigenous Writers’ Week I thought it might be a good time to review a writer who was, in his day, influential in forming […]

  18. Finally managed to get a review down! Not anything by Munkara (yet), but Ellen van Neerven’s poems:

  19. […] part of litblogger Lisa Hill’s Indigenous Literature Week, Sue of Whispering Gums reviewed Ali Cobby Eckerman’s verse novel Ruby Moonlight, which she […]

  20. […] also, Lisa, for Indigenous Writers’ Week (here) and Christina Stead Week (here), both of which I enjoyed reading and participating […]


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