Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 11, 2016

Wrapping up Indigenous Literature Week 2016 at ANZ LitLovers

ILW 2016

As we come to the end of Indigenous Literature Week 2016 at ANZ LitLovers, now in its fourth year, I would like to thank all those who showed their support for NAIDOC week by reading, reviewing, blogging, commenting, tweeting and/or advertising this event in social media.

This year’s readers were

These readers have contributed:

  • 13 reviews of indigenous Australian writing
    • 5 works of fiction (4 novels and one short story):
    • 4 non-fiction books
    • 4 books of poetry
  • 2 reviews of Maori writing, both fiction;
  • 2 feature articles about indigenous writers; and
  • 2 reviews of First Nations books from elsewhere in the world

My aim in hosting an Indigenous Literature Week  is to encourage people to seek out and enjoy the books that indigenous authors have contributed to Australian and New Zealand literature, but I am also very interested to read books by indigenous authors from other places around the world and so I want to say a special thank you to Stu from Winston’s Dad and Marilyn from me, You and Books who brought us reviews of books from the First Nations of Canada and the Basque Region of Spain.

The reviews readers have contributed have all been added to this site’s database of indigenous reading resources.  This database continues to grow – including everything from children’s books to YA; from memoir to history: and fiction of all kinds.  The reviews which readers have so generously contributed is what makes this a marvellous resource – it’s not just a list of titles, it’s word-of-mouth recommendations.  Those who have contributed to it will be pleased to know that there are two universities that I know of, that link to this database as a resource for students.

I would also like to thank publishers Allen and Unwin for their support with one of the books for review for this year’s ILW.

I will be monitoring the reviews page until the end of July and will add any additional reviews to the database using the comments box on the reviews page.

I will also be updating the database of indigenous reading resources when new books come to my attention.  You might like to bookmark this page because you can also use it to access links to

Thanks again, everyone!

PS NAIDOC and #IndigLitWeek coincided with the welcome news that Australia has just elected its first-ever female member of the House of Representatives.  I heard Linda Burney speak on the night of the election and what an impressive role model she is!


  1. And thank you Lisa, for all your work. It’s a pleasure to be involved.


  2. Team work!


  3. Sounds like a highly successful week Lisa. sorry but I just couldnt fit it in myself. Maybe next year…


    • LOL, I know how that happens! There are so many wonderful books to read and online event to get involved in… I myself used to over-commit all the time and now I restrict myself to just a few (and even then *chuckle* I muck up!)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, I missed it too- although I got so far as borrowing Larissa Behrendt’s book on Eliza Fraser. I guess ‘borrowing’ doesn’t quite count as ‘read’ though, does it?


    • LOL The road to hell is…
      Seriously, you’ve been at that AHA conference and writing some seriously good blog posts about it for those of us who couldn’t go, so *chuckle*, you’re off the hook for this year!


  5. Good on you for doing this, look forward to catching up with the reviews. I fully intended to participate, but life has been in upheaval lately as I’ve just finished up at work (redundancy) & am now job hunting. But I did celebrate the week by watching Cleverman on the ABC & reading The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf by Ambelin Kwaymullina :)


    • Cleverman, yes, yes, yes – I saw the first two episodes and then it got away from me, I’m going to buy the DVD so that I can watch it properly.
      Good luck with the job hunting!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks :)


  6. Here is another Indigenous review from Canada that I just reviewed and would like to add. Not sure this is where, so fell free to put it where it belongs.


    • Thanks, Marilyn, I’ve added it in two places, to this year’s ILW review post, and to the indigenous reading list in the main menu as well.
      I have been thinking that I ought to group the reviews that are from ‘elsewhere in the world’ and wondered how to do it. I have two from you, from the Metis and the Coast Salish People, and from Becky there’s one from the Ojibwe people. I am wondering whether to put all three under the heading of something like Amerindian, or to separate them into Canada and the US. What do you think?


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