Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 26, 2016

A.S. Patric wins 2016 Miles Franklin Award for Black Rock White City

Black Rock White CityI am delighted to share the news that A.S. (Alec) Patric has won the 2016 Miles Franklin Award for Black Rock White City.

You can read my review of this sensational book here, and find out more about him at Meet an Aussie Author.

Congratulations to Alec and to his publisher Barry at Transit Lounge!

The shortlisted novels and the original longlist, and my reviews of all of them can be found here.

Photo credit: Kip Scott, by permission

Photo credit: Kip Scott, by permission


  1. I’m glad I’ve read the winner for a change. And I’m glad it was urban and non-Anglo. Looking forward to the debate about the winner being the only non-woman.


    • Yes, I’ve seen a bit of churlishness already.
      This year’s win is a win for edgy writing about contemporary issues using a character template that reflects the diversity of Australian life. That’s a win for everybody IMO.


  2. Conrats on finishing all the longlisted titles: quite an undertaking but a worthwhile one I’m sure!


    • Ah well, I do try to keep up with the best of what’s new each year so sometimes I’ve already read some of them by the time the lists come out. Having said that, I’ve got a backlog of some beaut books which I must get to pronto!


  3. Congratulations to A S Patric, a very good choice for the Miles Franklin. As you say Lisa, it reflects the diversity of Australian life.


    • It’s a great achievement:) I’ve taught so many kids whose families escaped the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, I bet his community is beside themselves with pride.


  4. I remember you raving about how good this was so put it on my wishlist. But the price in UK is ridiculous £20 for a paperback!!!! Amd of course there is no chance of the library getting it because of the cost and the fact they view Australian fiction as not important.


    • This is the problem for very small publishers, even the choice to issue an eBook edition too can be prohibitive, which limits its international reach. (People think eBooks cost less to produce but the formatting has to be done all over again and it’s more complex than it looks). I don’t know much about the economics of it but I guess they can’t risk it because they don’t have the sort of publicity budget that would make it worthwhile.
      But don’t despair…. the prize means that sales will boom and maybe that might mean an English publisher will want to buy the rights.
      Alternatively you could treat yourself to a trip to Melbourne and buy a copy while you’re here! Melbourne’s very lovely in the Spring and Autumn:)


  5. […] This year’s Miles Franklin award went to an author bringing us a novel that reflects the exciting diversity of our multicultural nation, and it was noted that it was published by a small indie press, Transit Lounge.  Larger publishers wouldn’t touch it; they wouldn’t take the risk.  Asylum is a book that secondary teachers are crying out for: it has likeable teenage protagonists, it’s funny, it’s short (only 143 pages) and it raises all kinds of interesting threads for discussion.  I can’t help wondering what publishing barriers led to this book being published first at Smashwords and then at Palaver… […]


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