Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 9, 2016

2016 Queensland Literary Awards shortlists

Shamelessly lifted from the QLA website, here are the 2016 shortlists for the Queensland Literary Awards.  Links go to the QLA book info pages and to my reviews.

Queensland Premier’s Award for a work of State Significance

The University of Queensland Fiction Book Award

The University of Queensland Non-fiction Book Award

Griffith University Young Adult Book Award

Griffith University Children’s Book Award

University of Southern Queensland History Book Award

University of Southern Queensland Australian Short Story Collection – Steele Rudd Award

State Library of Queensland Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award

Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Awards

Unpublished Indigenous Writer – David Unaipon Award

Emerging Queensland Writer – Manuscript Award

The Courier-Mail 2016 People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year

Vote now – voting closes 5pm Friday 26 September 2016.

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers – how good it is to see small indie publishers featuring in these shortlists!


  1. I haven’t read enough (hardly any!) of these to guess the winners though I’m happy to barrack for Matthew Condon and Charlotte Wood. I have a 2016 Georgia Blain in my reviewing queue, but her YA ‘Special’, not the highly regarded ‘Between a wolf and a dog’.


    • I’ve got a link to your review of The Natural Way in the combined review, did you review the Matthew Condon?


      • No. Nor read it, I just like the idea of everyone being reminded again of Qld police corrupt from top to bottom. And thanks for link to Ch.Wood.

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  2. I’ve read only a few too – Ghost river, and The natural way of things, in the fiction award, and two of the short stories. I’d love to see Harrower win that section – she’s been shortlisted a few times – but as I’ve only read two of the selections I can’t actually argue hers should be the winner. Pity!


  3. Sue, If you’ve reviewed the short stories, can you please let me have the URLs (and those for Ghost River at the Natural Way) and I’ll link them.
    Also, didn’t you review the essays on hunger?


  4. It is always difficult to keep up with all the new authors that keep arriving every year. I’ve only read a few of those you list, Tim Winton, Elizabeth Harrower, Fiona MvFarlane.


  5. I was wondering whether or not any of these would see the light of day on this continent and then I saw the Harrower collection–which I have.


    • Ah well, sometimes a book’s presence on a shortlist can be what propels it into availability overseas:)


      • True. Nothing like a prize winner to get attention.


  6. Good to see some titles on these lists that haven’t already been on ALL THE AWARDS lists this year.


    • I know what you mean… and yet it must be hard for authors to be shortlisted for everything but not win anything.
      I am not a gambler but sometimes I think I’d love to win a lot of money in Tatts and then I would splash it around with the Lisa Hill Liked Your Book Awards, $50,000 for ten authors each year, I would only need a few million to do it…

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      • and then there’s the poor novelists who didn’t get shortlisted, and kids in homes without books, and the starving in Africa, and …. Still it’s a nice thought and maybe one day we’ll get a government that does more than FA about any of the above.


      • That’s the BEST idea Lisa 😀,especially knowing how far $50000 would go for so many writers.


        • I chose it on purpose because that would give them a year off work to write me a new novel, (and woe betide them if they don’t!)

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  7. I think Lisa Hill Liked Your Book stickers would be delightful :-)


    • That’s a thought… Possibly not as appealing to an author as a $50,000 cheque, but a bit more affordable for a retired chalkie.
      I believe Oprah stickers are good for sales, though LOL I am not quite as famous as Oprah.


  8. […] PS Between a Wolf and a Dog has been shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards. […]


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