Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 19, 2016

New Zealand Literature Survey

Just thought I would pass on this link to a fascinating discussion about NZ Literature…

This is the blurb that enticed me to listen to it:

According to a new survey by the New Zealand Book Council into our reading habits, many readers believe homegrown novels are over hyped and too much of a mixed bag to bother with. Generally we prefer Kiwi non-fiction. Crime’s the most popular genre, but even then – despite a big and growing number of Kiwi crime writers – they make a tiny proportion of crime sales here. Lynn Freeman brings togetherr authors Tina Clough and Patricia McCormack, and Cambridge bookseller Hamish Clayton to talk about these and other trends. Can anything be done to turn New Zealand readers on to New Zealand-based fiction?

The discussion ranges over all sorts of topics including book cover design, self-publishing, Scandi-crime and what booksellers can do to promote their own authors.

PS One of the speakers debunks the value of reviews.  Though I’ve never bought a book because of a review at Goodreads or Amazon, I buy books all the time because they’ve been reviewed by my favourite bloggers.  What do you think?  Do you ever buy books (or borrow them from a library) because you’ve read a review?

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