Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 26, 2016

2016 Voss Literary Prize shortlist

The Voss Literary Prize is a comparatively new prize, so here’s a little information about it from the Voss Prize website:

The Voss Literary Prize is a new award dedicated to the memory of Vivian Robert de Vaux Voss (1930-1963), an historian and lover of literature from Emu Park in Central Queensland who studied History and Latin at the University of Sydney and modern languages at the University of Rome. His will stipulated that a literary award be established to reward the best novel from the previous year. The executors of the estate have appointed the Australian University Heads of English, the peak body for the study of English at Australian Universities, to oversee and judge the award.

For more about the genesis of the award, see Sue’s entertaining post at Whispering Gums.

The first year of the award was 2014, but it wasn’t announced until November 2015.  The winner (from a very impressive longlist) was for the best novel published in Australia in 2013 was Fiona McFarlane for The Night Guest.  (See my review).   In 2015 the winner was Elizabeth Harrower  for her novel In Certain Circles (Text Publishing) (See my review).

And now in 2016, from a longlist of ten, comes the shortlist (links are to the publishers’ websites):

Stephen Daisley, Coming Rain, see my review

Lisa Gorton, The Life of Houses, see my review and a Sensational Snippet

Gail Jones, A Guide to Berlin, still on my TBR – in the meantime, see Combined Reviews

Mireille Juchau, The World Without Us , see my review

Leah Kaminsky The Waiting Room, see my review

Charlotte Wood, The Natural Way of Things, see combined reviews

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!

Update 29/8/18 And the winner was Leah Kaminsky for The Waiting Room!

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  1. […] Jones has been on my TBR for a while, and it’s just been nominated for yet another award (the Voss Literary Award), so I’ve decided to put together some combined reviews until I get time to read it.  […]


  2. How exciting to learn about the Voss Literary Prize. Not only do Inwant to read your reviews about the books that you’ve delved into, but it also makes me want to read the books!

    Do you ever predict a winner? I used to love doing that when I was involved in my library work, Even though I am retired now it seems that I have even less time to read!

    Thank you for another terrific review, Lisa.


    • Thanks, Heidi:) I’m not very brave about predicting winners… but I used to do it with my students before I retired, with the Children’s Book Council Award shortlist.


      • Somehow I pictured you to be “thirty something.” I am impressed that you are using your retirement so wisely!


        • I also meant to say that my students and I participated in kids awards over the years. It was so exciting….and I must admit sold so many books at our bookfairs!


  3. BTW, I loved the slide show that you created using the book covers.


    • Thanks, they’re all great covers, IMO:)


  4. Yes, I need to read the Jones too. An interesting list, Lisa. And thanks for the link.


    • It’s just impossible to keep up!

      Liked by 1 person

      • YOU find it hard to keep up! Spare a thought for the rest of us mortals who read a fraction of what you manage!! ;-)


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