Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 20, 2016

Book giveaway winner: The Beauties and Furies, by Christina Stead


Christina Stead Week (November 14-20, 2016)

Well, it’s time to draw the winner of the book giveaway for the new Text Classics edition of The Beauties and Furies by Christina Stead.

As can be seen from the Opening Lines, and my review, this second novel by Christina Stead is great reading and I hope it sets the winner off on a wonderful journey of discovery to the rest of Stead’s oeuvre, which can be explored at my page about Christina Stead Week, where there are reviews and all sorts of other contributions from readers round the world.

There were not many entries, perhaps because many enthusiasts have their own libraries of this great Australian author’s work.  (I myself already had a copy which is why I’m giving away the one Text sent me, though I was sorely tempted to read the intro by Margaret Harris.  But no,  don’t worry, this giveaway copy is pristine.)

The entries were:

  • Fay Kennedy
  • Claire Thomas, writer
  • Sue from Whispering Gums
  • Bill from The Australian Legend
  • Jeniwren

And using the random number generator at, the winner is *drum roll* Jeniwren!

*chuckle* Jenny, I already have your address from the last giveaway you won, so the book will be on its way to you tomorrow.

Many thanks to Text for the giveaway copy.  If you missed out this time, here’s the link to buy your own copy: Text Classics

Author: Christina Stead
Title: The Beauties and Furies
Introduction by Hilary Bailey
Publisher:  Virago Modern Classics, 1982
ISBN 0860681750
Cover image: detail from ‘Portrait of Lucy Beynis’ by Grace Cowley, (held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales)


  1. I’m babysitting at geo daughter’s and see in her bookcase Letty Fox. The 20th being not quite over, I would be happy to put up the first page – which gives you a good idea of the book’s tone and subject matter – when I get home later on, to add to your ‘collection’.


    • That’s great, Bill, I really appreciate it because I don’t have Letty Fox and would love to see how it starts:)


  2. Harumph, Rigged I’m sure! Still I’ll congratulate Jeniwren just because I’m that sort of person! LOL!


    • Ha ha, Jenny has the most amazing luck with these giveaways – I hope she’s bought a Tatts ticket as well…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Lisa
    You have made my day :)


  4. You’re welcome, Jenny:)


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