Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 21, 2016

2016 Christina Stead Week, wrap up and thanks

Christina Stead Week 2016

Christina Stead

Well, here we are at the end of Christina Stead Week, and hopefully the profile of our ‘forgotten’, ‘underestimated’ Australian author has improved, thanks to the contributions of readers around the world.

As you can see from the new Christina Stead Week page here at ANZ LitLovers, the reading week has brought a wealth of posts covering

If you check out the comments on these posts, you can see that there has been stimulating discussion as well!

My sincere thanks go to everyone who contributed to #ChristinaSteadWeek.  If at any time there are more reviews I’d be very happy to add them to the Christina Stead page.

PS Thanks also to Text Publishing whose release of  four new titles in the Text Classics range all available in eBook or print) was the catalyst for holding the reading week, and who provided the giveaway copy of The Beauties and Furies.

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  1. I just finished “The Man Who Loved Children’ this evening. Introducing Stead to me was really wonderful. I can barely articulate my feelings about the, as there ar so many dimensions to consider.

    I do wonder why the publisher had her change the setting to Washington DC and Maryland. I think it would have felt more genuine had the setting stayed in Australia.

    I loved Australian Literature, at least what I have ready, but it barely skims the surface. There are many more fantastic books, based on Stead’s work. Thank you.


    • This is just a very quick response to your kind comment, Heidi, we are about to cop a severe storm here and I need to shut down the computer. But I’m delighted to hear that you loved TMWLC, do please let me know if you review it on your blog and I will add the link.
      Must go!


  2. Thank you Lisa for Christina Stead Week. I loved joining in and more to the point learned a tremendous amount about this great author which I would not have gained from reading her books singly. And the page is a great idea which I am sure will prove an important resource well into the future.


    • I hope so Bill, and thanks again for your contribution:)


  3. Impressive achievement in the week (or so!!) Lisa. I do appreciate the little nudge to get stuck into at least a bit of that book that has been hanging around my shelves for 25 years.


    • *chuckle* We all need a nudge for one book or another, I reckon!


  4. Thanks Lisa and to all the contributors. It’s been so uplifting knowing that there are readers enjoying such a great writer and some for the first time.


    • Thanks, Fay, for all your support and encouragement:)


  5. Thanks for hosting – it’s been great fun taking part and also reading everyone’s posts! :)


    • Thanks, Kaggsy, I think I’ll be reading The Puzzle-headed Girl next, thanks to you:)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. What a tremendous resource you’ve collected here Lisa!

    It is taking me much longer than I thought to read The Salzburg Tales. Each tale deserves to be considered and read separately but then they have to be considered as part of the whole.
    Fascinating but slow.


    • It’s amazing when you put everyone’s contributions together, isn’t it? Thank you for your contribution!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m getting ready to read The Little Hotel – next week I think, if all goes well. Thank you for the intro for me and some links. My review will be on my blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving (even if you don’t formally celebrate).


    • Yay, Becky, that will be great:)
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


  8. I put up something on The People With the Dogs:


    • Fantastic, thanks, I will add it to the CS page now!


  9. Thanks for hosting Christina Stead week, and for all the work you put into it.


    • Thanks, Dorothy, and especially for your contribution:)


  10. Well done Lisa! The week brought out a great range of posts about Stead.


    • I’m really chuffed about it and so grateful to everybody.


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