Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 3, 2017

Old Growth (2017) by John Kinsella

I don’t have time to read everything I’d like to, but I’d like to spread the word about Old Growth by John Kinsella – so follow the link to Nathan Hobby’s review:)

Nathan Hobby, a biographer in Perth

old-growthJohn Kinsella Old Growth 254pp Transit Lounge, 2017. Review copy supplied by publisher.

John Kinsella’s new short story collection, Old Growth, is a wondrously Western Australian book, centred on the wheatbelt with regular trips to Fremantle, the suburbs around Bicton on the south of the river, and up to Geraldton. Yet its pleasures are not just in its sense of place, but its capturing of so many different ordinary lives lived in these places.

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  1. I don’t follow Nathan’s ‘Annotations’ so thankyou for this, I would have missed it.


    • Nathan writes a good review, and he likes weird and strange like you do, so he’s an interesting one to follow:)


  2. Thanks for sharing a great review 📒


    • Thanks go to Nathan for writing it and letting me reblog it:)

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