Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 19, 2017

2017 Miles Franklin Award shortlist

The Miles Franklin Award shortlist has been announced:

Emily McGuire: An Isolated Incident, Picador (Pan Macmillan), 2016, see my review

Mark O’Flynn: The Last Days of Ava Langdon, UQP (University of Queensland Press), 2016, see my review

Ryan O’Neill: Their Brilliant Careers, Black Inc Books, 2016 see my review

Philip Salom: Waiting, Puncher and Wattman, 2016 – see my review, and yes, this is the one I think should win.

Josephine Wilson: Extinctions, UWAP (University of Western Australia Press, 2016), see my review

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!

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  1. I am unfamiliar with this latest crop of Australian authors. Where do I start ?


  2. I found this line by Philip Salom in your review of Waiting. Great line:
    “He is a man who looks like a man used to look like.”.


  3. I have a wounded wing after a cortisone injection an hour ago so my time at the computer is limited and I am typing one-handed…
    but yes, Waiting, definitely!


  4. I have my eye on Extinctions.


    • Yes, a very good book indeed. I liked it very much.


      • A bit pricey over here still but if it wins perhaps an American publisher will pick it up.


  5. I saw this list announced earlier and figured you’d be happy!


  6. You’ve read and reviewed them all. Wow! Good work, Batman 🤣 These are all first-time nominees, right? How wonderful to see new, unfamiliar names.


    • Kim, I’m not sure, and not feeling chirpy enough to check… I think O’Flynn might have published before and I know Slalom has but poetry not a novel – but am happy to stand corrected if I’m wrong,
      Am off to bed now with a knockout painkiller and hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling more like my usual self.


      • Oh, get better soon, Lisa. I’ve had arthritic flare up in my neck for past 3 weeks. Absolute agony, especially when lying down or sitting down. Hence I have walked more than 45 miles this past week alone cos only thing that helps is walking!


        • It’s Day 3 today and it does feel a little better so *fingers crossed* I’m on the mend.
          45 Miles! Amber is NOT happy that she hasn’t had a walk, not even round the block. I can’t take the weight of my arm by my side at the moment, it’s propped on a pillow as I write this, so my ambitions are just to get around the block in due course.

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  7. Thanks for putting me onto this list. I haven’t read any of them yet. I recently read hugh McKay’s: “Selling the Dream”. I’ve many of his non-fictional works and wasn’t disappointed. Have you read it? Thought you might enjoy my review:
    I largely have an overseas audience so I was looking at introducing a man who needs no introduction at home, to possibly unknown territory.
    xx Rowena


    • Hi Rowena, I hope you find something you like in the list:)


  8. Hi Lisa, I hope your wounded wing is getting better and that you enjoyed your tv programs. I have read all but Waiting. I must do so when I return from my holiday in Portugal. I did like An Isolated Incident and Extinctions.


    • Codeine is my new best friend.
      I watched The Dressmaker – fabulous book, great movie!


  9. I’m beyond thrilled to see Josephine Wilson on that list! (And I hope you recover quickly and well, Lisa. x)


    • Thank you, Amanda, and I am delighted too. She is a terrific writer and Extinctions is a splendid book. UWAP must be thrilled as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh, take care. It does sound painful.


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