Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 26, 2017

Time poor? Short fictions to read for Indigenous Literature Week

5/6/19 This page has been updated to include additional suggestions.

ILW logo 2019Too busy to read a whole book for Indigenous Literature Week this year?

Here are some short inexpensive suggestions for the time poor.

Links on the titles take you to where you can buy the book.

These ones are all from the Australian Review of Fiction: they are digital editions that come packaged as two stories, one by an established author and the other by an emerging author.  They cost only $2.99, and come in Kindle and other digital formats to suit iPads etc.

These are short story collections and anthologies, links on the titles are to suppliers:

Or, if a bit of sassy chicklit appeals, you can romp through these novels by Anita Heiss in no time!

  • Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms
  • Tiddas
  • Paris Dreaming
  • Not Meeting Mr Right
  • Manhattan Dreaming
  • Avoiding Mr Right.

Indigenous Literature Week starts July 2 2017 (but of course you can read these any time of the year)!

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  1. For your interest

    Dennis Jones
    Dennis Jones & Associates Pty Ltd
    The Australian Distributor for Independent Publishers
    Gardners Sales Agent Australia & New Zealand
    Port Campbell Press
    Digital Publishing & Distribution Solutions – Regionally & Globally


    • Thanks Denis, I’ll have a look through these sites ASAP.
      PS Is there some way I can filter them to find which books are by indigenous authors?


  2. Great list – and idea Lisa. As you know I’ve read a couple of Review of Australian Fiction editions. I keep seeing them popping up and would love to read more of them. They are a great idea.

    Anyhow, thanks for the links. All being well I’ll read and post mine early in the period, before I head OS.


    • Actually, I didn’t realise what a great resource the RAF is for indigenous writing until I started doing this.
      When are you leaving?


      • Yes it’s an excellent source though as you’ve seen I’ve only read a couple. We leave Canberra next Tuesday, and fly out of Sydney on Wednesday. (Going to Sydney the night before is a wise thing to do with morning overseas flights as fog delays are a risk in Canberra.)


        • Ah yes, I guess it would be. Well, bon voyage!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thanks Lisa … looking forward to the warmth (our days here have been mostly sunny but when the sun goes down …)


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