Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 5, 2017

Bouquets to Kingston Library

ILW 2017Before I toddle off to bed, just two quick photos:  these are from my local library where they have created a display of books for NAIDOC week.  Below you can see the display at the Parkdale branch (now less one book which I borrowed myself!) and under that there’s what’s left of the display of children’s books by indigenous authors, the gaps on the shelves are where books have been borrowed!

Well done, Kingston Library staff!



  1. Good to see their support for this initiative


  2. Oh so wonderful to see!


    • If anyone else has pictures of their library’s displays, please email me a copy and I’ll make a slideshow:)
      (And if the library hasn’t got one, perhaps ask them if they could…)


  3. I will check my library today.


  4. Hi, Lisa, Did you see Penguin Books posting on Joy Rhoades, The Woolgrower’s Companion? She lists 4 sources of her research into the Aborigines. Plus, generally, the era, WW2, sheep husbandry, etc.


    • No, I haven’t come across that at all. But… um… no offence to woolgrowers out there, but I don’t think the title would have attracted me anyway!


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