Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 4, 2017

A short break (maybe)

Just a short note to let you know that I am taking a short break in New Caledonia.  If the WiFi is good at the hotel it will be business as usual (because of course I have books to read).  If not, I’ll be missing the news about the winner of the Miles Franklin, but perhaps I’ll find something else to amuse me instead.

PS Monday night: I’ve figured out the Wi-Fi, but it’s a bit slow.  Who cares, this place is lovely!

PPS Tuesday morning, you can follow my travels on my travel blog.


  1. Enjoy your break Lisa. I hope you really do have a good rest (you’ve probably forgotten what that means!). Have fun.:)


  2. A well earned break. Have lots of fun. Beautiful place.


  3. Bon voyage!


  4. Enjoy! I have very fond memories of Noumea on a Form 5 French trip. It’s where I learned that cantaloupe was ‘pamplemousse’. Think of St Trinians, a bunch of naughty schoolgirls wreaking havoc. I’m sure your trip will be more placid.


  5. Enjoy the break, Lisa!


  6. Bon voyage


  7. Oh good for you Lisa … enjoy the break. Forget about wi-fi and enjoy being disconnected for a few days!


  8. Have fun in this remote part of France. :-)


  9. Forget the wi-fi and just enjoy the break


  10. Sounds like you are enjoying it. Good on you.


  11. Take care Lisa. And enjoy the break. :-)


  12. Enjoy your holiday, Lisa! :)


  13. Enjoy your holiday!


  14. Hope you have a great holiday with lots of reading time


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