Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 5, 2017

2017 Queensland Literary Awards shortlist

The internet here at our hotel is slow as a wet week, so this is a rudimentary heads-up about the QLD awards, and apologies for any layout problems.

Queensland Premier’s Award for a work of State Significance

  • Matthew Condon Little Fish Are Sweet (UQP)
  • Mary-Rose MacColl For a Girl (Allen & Unwin)
  • Cathy McLennan Saltwater (UQP)
  • Bill Wilkie The Daintree Blockade: The Battle for Australia’s Tropical Rainforests (Four Mile Books)

Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Awards

  • Lech Blaine
  • Mindy Gill
  • Anna Jacobson
  • Emily O’Grady
  • Bonnie Stevens

The University of Queensland Fiction Book Award

  • Melissa Ashley The Birdman’s Wife (Affirm Press), see my review
  • Nick Earls Vancouver (Inkerman & Blunt)
  • Ashley Hay A Hundred Small Lessons (Allen & Unwin), on my TBR
  • Hannah Kent The Good People (Pan Macmillan)
  • Heather Rose The Museum of Modern Love (Allen & Unwin), see my review

The University of Queensland Non-fiction Book Award

  • Deng Adut and Ben Mckelvey Songs of a War Boy (Hachette)
  • Richard Fidler Ghost Empire (HarperCollins)
  • Mary-Rose MacColl For a Girl (Allen & Unwin)
  • Kim Mahood Position Doubtful (Scribe), see my review
  • Cathy McLennan Saltwater (UQP)

Griffith University Children’s Book Award

  • Gus Gordon Somewhere Else (Penguin Random House)
  • Paul Jennings A Different Dog (Allen & Unwin)
  • Bren MacDibble How to Bee (Allen & Unwin)
  • Wedy Orr Dragonfly Song (Allen & Unwin)
  • Lisa Shanahan The Grand, Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler (Allen & Unwin)

Griffith University Young Adult Book Award

  • Simon Butters The Hounded (Wakefield Press)
  • Cath Crowley Words in Deep Blue (Pan Macmillan)
  • Zana Fraillon The Bone Sparrow (Hachette)

University of Southern Queensland History Book Award

  • Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, Gabrielle Appleby, Andrew Lynch The Tim Carmody Affair: Australia’s Greatest Judicial Crisis (NewSouth Books)
  • Paul Irish Hidden in Plain View: The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney (NewSouth Books)
  • John Murphy Evatt: A Life (NewSouth Books)
  • Rebe Taylor Into the Heart of Tasmania (MUP), see my review
  • Mark Smith The Road to Winter (Text Publishing)
  • Richard Yaxley This is My Song (Scholastic)

University of Southern Queensland Australian Short Story Collection – Steele Rudd Award

  • Michelle Cahill Letter to Pessoa (Giramondo)
  • Kyra Giorgi The Circle and the Equator (UWA Publishing)
  • Tara June Winch After the Carnage (Penguin), see my review

State Library of Queensland Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award

  • Jordie Albiston Euclid’s Dog (GloriaSMH Press)
  • Carmen Leigh Keates Meteorites (Whitmore press)
  • Antigone Kefala Fragments (Giramondo)
  • Cassie Lewis The Blue Decodes (Grand Parade Poets)
  • Omar Sakr These Wild Houses (Cordite Books)

QUT Digital Literature Award

  • Mez Breeze Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads (Beta)
  • Pascalle Burton Generation Loss (after Alvin Lucier)
  • Jason Nelson Nine Billion Branches
  • David Thomas Henry Wright with Karen Lowry and Julia Lane Paige and Powe
  • Marianna Shek Limerence

Unpublished Indigenous Writer – David Unaipon Award

  • Alicia Farmer Mai Stori
  • Lisa Fuller Mirrored Pieces

Emerging Queensland Writer – Manuscript Award

  • Anna Jacobson for How to Knit a Human
  • Janet Lee for The Killing of Louisa
  • Ben Marshall for The Fox
  • Siall Waterbright for The Coming


  1. Thanks Lisa,

    Another five poetry titles for me to read & review!!! I have “Fragments” and have lined up an interview with the poet, I just need to read the book & formulate some questions (get moving basically)!!

    I look forward to reading (and reviewing) as many of them as possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll reblog them from mine when I get home:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think you’ll get home before I get the reading & interviews done (unless you’re planning an extended stay away!!!)


        • No, I’ll be back on Saturday. Extended holidays are for interesting places in Europe.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Bill Wilkie’s ‘The Daintree Blockade’ is excellent.


    • Have you reviewed it?
      When I get back home I’ll hunt around for reviews of the ones I haven’t read, and will happily add yours if you let me have the URL.
      Cheers from Noumea!


  3. […] were announced last night and nothing should detract from the recognition that these books and the shortlisted books […]


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