Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 8, 2017

Josephine Wilson wins the 2017 Miles Franklin Award for Extinctions

extinctionsI know, I’m late with this news, but it’s easy to lose track of the days when away on holidays…

Josephine Wilson has won the 2017 Miles Franklin Award for her novel Extinctions, and (even though I had hopes for Philip Salom’s Waiting) I am delighted because this is exactly the kind of book that should win the MF.

You can read my review here, but better still, go get yourself a copy and read the book instead.

PS We fly back to Melbourne tomorrow so things should be back to normal here on the blog ASAP!


  1. I completely missed the Miles Franklin announcement, so thanks for posting it here.


    • That makes me feel better about being late with it!

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      • My life is madness right now! Critical part of project I’ve been working on since last October coming to a head. It’s blogs like yours that help keep me in the loop!


        • Thanks, Kim, I hope things are easing up a bit now?


          • Not until we launch… mid-October/November. Exciting but hard work.

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  2. I missed both your original review last year and the announcement, so I enjoyed both bits today. Better late. Novels set in retirement homes are appealing to me, as he mentions, like prison but sometimes of one’s own making (as you observe of his choices). Sounds astute and clever!


    • It is, and it’s very timely because the baby boomers are all looking retirement in the face and not liking the options much. The characterisation of his wife is just excellent too, so cleverly done: absent – but very much present as well!


  3. I have this one on a list to buy and now that it has won the prize, there’s a good chance a publisher will bring it to N. America.


  4. Looking at your original review which I somehow missed, this does seem like a worthy winner. I went searching for a copy but its so expensive – about the same price as a hardback and yet its a paperback. As much as I am interested this is cost prohibitive


  5. Couldn’t be more thrilled about this result :-)

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    • I am too not just because it’s a terrific book and thoroughly deserving (and I am pleased to say that I was one of the first to review it and say so!) but also because it’s a great morale booster for the WA writing community and UWAP and all who work there. It’s wonderful!


      • Yes, it’s all of that, Lisa, and I say bravo to you for being among the first to recognise Extinctions :-)


  6. Guy, Karen, I will try to find out from the publisher if the win means it will become internationally available. UWAP is a small university press, so this will be a great shot-in-the-arm for them, I’m sure they’ll be doing their best to get a new print run out ASAP.


    • The Kindle edition has been pulled here in the U.K. because of quality issues with the file…😬😩


      • I guess they’ll be working to fix that…


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