Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 12, 2017

Book Giveaway Winner: Soon, by Lois Murphy

It’s time to do the draw for Lois Murphy’s intriguing new novel Soon, published by Transit Lounge here in Melbourne.

This is the blurb:

An almost deserted town in the middle of nowhere, Nebulah’s days of mining and farming prosperity – if they ever truly existed – are long gone. These days even the name on the road sign into town has been removed. Yet for Pete, an ex-policeman, Milly, Li and a small band of others, it’s the only place they have ever felt at home. One winter solstice, a strange residual and mysterious mist arrives, that makes even birds disappear. It is a real and potent force, yet also strangely emblematic of the complacency and unease that afflicts so many of our small towns, and the country that Murphy knows so well. Partly inspired by the true story of Wittenoom, the ill-fated West Australia asbestos town, Soon is the story of the death of a haunted town, and the plight of the people who either won’t, or simply can’t, abandon all they have ever had. With finely wrought characters and brilliant plotting, it is a taut and original novel, where the people we come to know, and those who are drawn to the town’s intrigue, must ultimately fight for survival.

Soon is Lois Murphy’s first novel,  but she has won awards for her writing, including the Northern Territory Literary Award and the Sisters in Crime Best New Talent Prize.  Soon was the winner of the Tasmanian Premier’s Prize for an Unpublished Manuscript,   This is what the judges said about it:

A dark and powerful novel that takes the reader on a journey through a disturbingly new and hostile world.  Lois’s characters carry their old ways into this new order with grave consequences if they don’t heed the signs.  Her haunting and persuasive tale which nods at the tropes of genre fiction while subverting and elevating them heralds a compelling new talent.

And here’s here’s my (no spoilers) review.

There was a lot of interest in this giveaway! The entries were (in order of receipt):

  1. familyunfazed
  2. Bill Holloway
  3. Robin Dawson
  4. Annette Marfording
  5. Karenlee Thompson
  6. Jenny Snell
  7. Fay Kennedy
  8. Travellin Penguin
  9. MST (Michelle)
  10. Catherine Davison
  11. arcticcrocodile
  12. Annette Weisz Knudsen
  13. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog)
  14. Abby L
  15. Elisabeth Masters
  16. Glenda
  17. Rhobyn Burns

And using the random number generator at, the winner is *drum roll* number 9, MST (Michelle)

Please remember that it is a condition of entry that you contact me with your postal address for delivery of the book within 10 days of the date of this post.   So Michelle, if you don’t get in touch, using the contact address right at the bottom of the RHS menu (where I hide it from spammers in all the yada-yada about copyright) then I will re-draw to choose a new winner.

Many thanks to Transit Lounge for the giveaway copy.  If you missed out this time, here’s the link to buy your own copy: Soon



  1. Huzzah! Thank you thank you thank you! Last week was pretty ordinary for me (day job woes) so this is a lovely cheer-up.


    • That’s great! Don’t forget to email me your postal address and I will have it on its way ASAP:)


      • It has now arrived safe and sound – again, my grateful thanks.


  2. Ah…like Maxwell Smart… Missed it by this much!! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Vote Yes!


    • Of course! I’m profoundly offended by the whole idea of a vote that is insult to LBGTI people because it is morally wrong that only their human rights are subject to an opinion poll, but of course I will vote Yes!


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