Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 26, 2017

Book launch at Readings: Atlantic Black, by A.S. Patric

Yes, I know, I read and reviewed Alec Patric’s Atlantic Black a while ago, but still, it was nice to go to the launch and rub shoulders with some of Melbourne’s literary community who were there at Readings in St Kilda.

Barry Scott from Transit Lounge opened proceedings.  Barry publishes some of the best authors around, including Patrick Holland, Dominique WilsonOuyang Yu and Jane Rawson – who did the honours with the launch speech. Lois Murphy was there too so I was able to congratulate her on her debut novel Soona book I really enjoyed.

Barry teased me about barracking for Philip Salom’s Waiting for this year’s Miles Franklin when it was won by Josephine Wilson’s Extinctions but #Tongue-in-cheek I reminded him that although I loved Waiting and thought it was an important book about marginalised people, I had complained about its proof-reading so I didn’t really expect it to win, and Extinctions is a very fine novel which deserved to win too.  It’s very enjoyable to have these kind of conversations face-to-face with people who know all about books!

It was also a thrill to meet Antoni Jach who wrote Napoleon’s Doublea novel which I really, really liked so #Scoop! I am pleased to be able to tell you that there is another novel in the pipeline, this time about Rome!

If you haven’t got your copy yet, here’s the link to Fishpond: Atlantic Black


  1. Always nice to hear an author talk about their book :-)


    • Yes. The trouble is, most events are in the city and usually at 6.30 for the after work crowd, and that means either fighting peak hour traffic to get there or dealing with a packed train. So I need to be really, really keen to bother with that.

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      • I’m lucky to have Readings Hawthorn five minutes away and they host quite a few events. There’s always a bunch of tempting things at the Wheeler Centre but like you, I rarely have the energy to be heading into the city at that time of night.


        • I go to some things at Hawthorn because it’s not such a pain to get to:)


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