Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 31, 2017

2017 Colin Roderick Award winner and shortlist

It wasn’t until I saw the announcement for the winner, that I came across the shortlist for the Colin Roderick Award…

The following information comes from the website hosted by James Cook University:

The Colin Roderick Award is one of Australia’s oldest literary awards, founded in 1967 by Professor Colin Roderick. After Professor Roderick’s death in 2000, the award was renamed in his memory. The Foundation for Australian Literary Studies presents the annual award to the value of $20,000, coupled with the silver H.T. Priestley Memorial Medal.

The award and medal are presented to the best original book, in the judges’ opinion, that is published in Australia in the previous calendar year. Submissions must deal with any aspect of Australian life and can be in any field or genre of writing, verse or prose.

Josephine Wilson is the winner of the award for 2017, for her novel Extinctions (see my review) but there were some fine nominations as well.  Links are to the judges’ reports at James Cook University.

Congratulations to Josephine Wilson (which also won the 2017 Miles Franklin Award), and to all the authors, editors and publishers!


  1. Of course it’s 10 years younger than the MF – was Roderick still on the MF board when he set up this one? But I wonder what the earliest Australian prize was. I’ve run into The Bulletin, the SMH, the Prior and the Britannica at various times.


    • Nope, I’m out of my depth on that question. There used to be a terrific site that kept up with all the awards and knew everything there was to know, but it doesn’t seem to be around now which is a real shame.


  2. This sounds like a great prize. Off the top of my head I think the nearest we come to it in the UK is the Goldsmiths. I like the sound of the winner, too.


    • I like the Goldsmiths Prize, their shortlists are always terrific books.


      • Better than the Man Booker to which it was set up in response.


        • Yes. The Folio Prize was also set up to be a counter to the Booker’s middlebrow selections, but it fizzled out.

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  3. I couldn’t finish the rules of Backyard Cricket–too much cricket details for me.


    • I think I knew from the title that it was not for me. But his follow-up, On the Java Ridge was well worth reading, I think you said you liked the sound of it?


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