Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 7, 2017

Aussie and Kiwi authors on the 2018 Dublin Literary Award Longlist

As usual, the nominations for the Dublin Literary Award are a generous mixture of the great and the good, and as usual I will try to locate all the authors from Australia and New Zealand among the 150-odd names there.  If there’s one I’ve missed, please let me know in comments and I’ll add it to the list.

The prize is one of the most valuable in the world: €100,000, but in terms of international exposure, just making it onto the longlist is a great thing for authors who might otherwise have slipped under the radar, and while I’m pleased to see all our Aussie authors doing so well, I am especially pleased by the inclusion of Patrick Holland’s One because it did not get the attention it deserved in this country.  Bouquets to the libraries that nominated it!


  • One, by Patrick Holland, see my review and Patrick’s explanation for his curious choice of title
  • Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms, by Anita Heiss, see my review
  • The Dry, by Jane Harper
  • Our Tiny, Useless Hearts, by Toni Jordan, see my review
  • The Good People, by Hannah Kent
  • An Isolated Incident, by Emily Maguire, see my review
  • The Museum of Modern Love, by Heather Rose, see my review
  • The Last Painting of Sara de Vos, by Dominic Smith, see my review
  • The Sound, by Sarah Drummond*
  • Vigil, by Angela Slatter

New Zealand

Other titles that I’ve read

*Update, later the same day: Thanks to Tracy Farr (author of The Life and Loves of Lina Gault) for identifying two authors I’d missed.


  1. Thanks for this list. I’m constantly amazed at how much you read!


    • Thanks, Anna – there are a couple there that I haven’t read because they didn’t appeal, but I think I’ve done better this year than in previous years, especially having read both Kiwi books, that’s unusual for me. I always worry that there’s a Kiwi author whose name I haven’t recognised because they don’t list the country where the book comes from, and it can be hard to know all the Aussie authors too, if there’s an outlier from a small press.


  2. Only eight read for me. I really appreciate this award as the library nominations mean less publicised countries have an opportunity to put forward representative literature that’s been translated into English. The long list is too large to tackle but the shortlist is a more achievable aim. Looks like I might have to search out Patrick Holland’s “One”!!!


    • Oh, yes, do chase up One, it’s a great book.
      The award has to be one of the most inclusive there is: authors from all over the world, and all it takes is for a library to nominate.

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  3. Oh Lisa, you could have saved a lot of time and effort by looking at the press release for the ANZ writers:


    • Indeed. Ah well…
      Why is there no press release about Irish novels? Sebastian Barry is nominated for Days without End. Are there others?


      • It’s an Irish prize so the Irish nominees are in the main generic press release.


        • Just to clarify: did you have a press release emailed to you, or are you talking about what’s on the website?


          • Just what’s on the website; I’m not on their mailing list.


            • Yeah, I can’t find a place to sign up for one.


  4. I’m listening to The Good People right now, I’m about half way through and really liking it. I don’t think I’ll end up loving it as much as Burial Rites, but I think Hannah Kent is astonishing. I haven’t managed to read any of the others.


    • Hi Louise, it’s impossible to keep up with everything, but it’s a nice problem to have:)


  5. So glad to see The Parcel there! (And a few other Canadians as well, on the list I mean.) This is an award that I used to follow regularly for good reads but I’ve lost track of it in recent years – maybe because it always seemed like a long list but now it seems rather monstrous? Not that they’re not all GOOD books, but it does make it a little daunting – even for ambitious and obsessed readers as we are!


    • I know what you mean. Goodness knows what it would be like if more libraries became involved in the process.
      I suspect that part of the reason for the country-by-country press releases is to help people take an interest in their own nominations…


  6. One has a commanding place on my main TBR shelf but heaven knows when I will get to it.


  7. Wow, you’ve read most of them.


  8. […] But Billy Bird by New Zealand author got under my radar because it was nominated for the 2018 Dublin Literary Award longlist, and although it took a bit of fortitude to finish it I can see why it’s a popular […]


  9. […] I got myself all excited by the Australian and New Zealand nominations on the 2018 Dublin Literary Award longlist, but the short list announced today doesn’t include any books from our part of the world, and […]


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