Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 24, 2017

2017 Mascara Lit Review shortlists

The Mascara Lit Review is a transnational journal of Australian and world literature, with an interest in migrant, subaltern, Asian Australian and Indigenous creative and critical writing.  And in a nice Christmas surprise for authors and publishers, they have just announced their 2017 shortlists for #Avant-garde awards.  It’s a bit tricky harvesting just from Twitter images, so these lists may not be quite complete:

Best Anthology

  • Too Deadly: Our Voice, Our Way, Our Business, by the Us Mob Writing Group, see notes about the launch here
  • Shaping the Fractured Self, edited by Heather Taylor Johnson
  • Best Australian Poems 17, edited by Sarah Holland-Batt
  • The Australian Face, Essays from the Sydney Review of Books, edited by James Ley and Catriona Menzies-Pike (on my TBR)


  • The Last Days of Jeanne D’Arc, by Ali Alizadeh, see my review
  • Blindness and Rage, a Phantasmagoria by Brian Castro, see my review
  • My Mother and Other Fictions, by Michael Giacometti
  • Rubik, by Elizabeth Tan

Non Fiction

  • Mirror Sydney, by Vanessa Berry, see my review
  • A Writing Life, Helen Garner and Her Work, by Bernadette Brennan
  • Scoundrel Days by Brentley Frazer
  • The Book of Thistles, by Noelle Janaczewska



  1. Thanks for these Lisa – I’ve also reviewed Oscar Schwartz’s book and interviewed him at my blog, where I also have a full transcript of the Amelia Dale interview. I do own Melody Paloma’s book and will also try to get to it and the other poetry listed book. This list has some nice “pushing the boundaries” writing – as does the recently announced SA Arts Awards lists. It’s always a relief to know that if I’m missing a list, you’ll have it on your blog. Compliments of the season to you & your family.


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