Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 19, 2018

2018 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards

Thanks to Tony from Messenger’s Booker who passed on the announcement, here’s the 2018 Premier’s Literary Awards shortlists:

Christina Stead Prize for Fiction (three short story collections!)
Links are to the prize website, and (eventually, when my internet woes enable it) to my reviews.  In the meantime, please use the search box.


Indigenous Writers’ Prize

Felicity Castagna’s No More Boats is nominated for the Multicultural NSW Wales award, see my review.

I’ll add the other categories when or if my frustration with Telstra subsides.  (This is Week 3 of intermittent internet access and it is driving me crazy!)

Update, an hour later: to see the full list of nominations, visit Messenger’s Booker.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Lisa. It’s so hard to keep up with all these awards at this time of year isn’t it? Of all these, it’s Common people I want to read.

    It’s also exciting to see who will win the Glenda Adams award, but no shortlist for that.


    • It’s impossible to keep up with them all. I don’t worry too much about the big ones that get plenty of publicity elsewhere (except for the MF, of course!) but I do try to keep up with the minor ones like the Kibble and the Dobbie and the ALS…


      • Yes, I agree. And this is the year for Kibble and Dobbie isn’t it – and Jefferis I think – as they’re biennial and weren’t done last year (if I remember correctly).


        • Yes, but they’re hard to keep track of. They’re run by trusts, and so it’s a matter of luck whether I see a tweet or something on Facebook to alert me to the lists. I’m sure I’ve subscribed to an email notification at different times, but (perhaps because they change publicists or something?) it’s all a bit hit and miss.


          • Yes, I know. The trusts vary a lot in how they promote.


  2. Great strike rate on the reviews, Lisa!


    • For the Indigenous award, yes, but not so good for the fiction (they can tie me to a burning post but I am never going to be a fan of short story collections!)
      And if you’ve checked all the other categories, I haven’t read any of them!


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