Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 2, 2018

Debut Mondays: new fiction from H C Gildfind

This month I am pleased to introduce debut author H.C. Gildfind who lives in Melbourne and has been published in Australia and overseas.

The Worry Front was completed with the support of an Australia Council Grant, and includes the novella ‘Quarry’ which was one of five winners in 2015’s Griffith Review Novella Project Competition. Gildfind has researched interwar Australian literature and history, has been mentored by novelist Andrea Goldsmith, and is currently working on a novel.

The Worry Front is a short story collection comprising a range of voices exploring such themes as the medicalization of the human body, familial and sexual relationships, animal relationships, and male and female struggles against gendered social roles and attitudes. The novella explores one man’s struggle against the ‘predator’ status society imposes upon men and male sexuality: are predators made or born?

This is the blurb:

“If she screamed, he wonders, would they hear her up there, up there in the houses? If she ran, he wonders, could I catch her? And if I caught her, could I …? He coughs again, furious. Would I?”

These unsettling short stories, which include the prize-winning novella ‘Quarry’, expose an anatomy of worry in its many guises—unease, fear, dread, and terror. Through a
multitude of distinct voices, H.C. Gildfind’s startling tales explore the absurd, macabre, surreal—and too-real—whilst wrestling with the irrevocable acts, immutable facts, and
relentless uncertainties that lie at the dark heart of every life.

And these are the endorsements (from the cover):

“Gildfind’s intense, visceral, surprising stories of desire and hesitation make this a brilliant and earthy debut.”
– PHILIP SALOM, award-winning poet and novelist, shortlisted for the 2017 Miles Franklin Award

“With a suggestiveness reminiscent of Woolf or Mansfield laced with the wariness of a faster, more interdependent, and less gender-scripted world, Gildfind brings a new generation’s voice into Australian literature.”
– NICHOLAS BIRNS, editor, Antipodes, New York

“Gildfind is a writer whose work pulses with life and visceral power. Rarely has the experience of the lived physical body been so eloquently pinned to the page.”
– ZORA SANDERS, previous editor, Meanjin


The Worry Front (ISBN: 9780648027577) is available now from Fishpond: The Worry Front: short fiction collection from bookshops, and direct from Margaret River Press.


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