Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 11, 2018

Tasmanian Writers Centre Makes Public Appeal

I am alarmed to have received this press release from the Tasmanian Writers Centre in my inbox today.  Tasmanian writers make an enormous contribution to Australia’s cultural life, but Tassie itself is a small, impecunious state with limited finances to support cultural activities.  Yet we all know the value of writers’ centres,: visit Sue’s post at Whispering Gums if you need any convincing. If you are in a position to help with a donation of any size, please do so.  If you are breathtakingly rich, or you know someone who is, please consider the philanthropic joy of making a seriously large donation to ensure the ongoing viability of the centre.

The Tasmanian Writers' CentreThe Tasmanian Writers Centre announced today that it faces closure if it cannot generate interim funding to maintain its operations over the next 8 months.

The Chair of the Centre’s Board, Professor Jeff Malpas, said today that although some support had been forthcoming from Arts Tasmania, additional funding is urgently required to cover the Centre’s operational costs for the immediate future. Prof Malpas added that the Centre’s Board is of the belief that the Centre can flourish in the longer term, and has already embarked on a plan to reshape and reorient the Centre to engage more effectively with the Tasmanian reading and writing community.

The Board has a vibrant new Director-in-waiting, and is actively working to build partnerships with a range of organisations. “Although the Centre’s future is in jeopardy” said Prof Malpas “this is also an opportunity for the Centre to open up a wider conversation with the Tasmanian community about the importance of literature and literacy in Tasmania and to articulate a new vision for the role of the Centre, and its biennial Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival, in the creative and literary life of the island”.

The Centre is hoping to generate enough short-term support from the Tasmanian community through philanthropic donations, crowd funding, and other sources, to enable it to continue into the beginning of 2019, when it expects to be financially viable once again.

Further information will be available soon at Prof Malpas can be contacted for comment on 0404736286 or by email at

About the Tasmanian Writers Centre
The Tasmanian Writers Centre (TWC) works as an advocacy, outreach and support service for Tasmania’s many aspiring, emerging and established writers. Its programs concentrate on the promotion of Tasmanian writers by engaging with a range of audiences, agents, publishers and projects.

The TWC is based year-round at the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart’s arts precinct. It is a small, but welcoming space for writers, readers, partners and visitors. Our program of events, workshops and the festival are held around the city and/or across the state – taking TWC services to regional Tasmania. Whether in its permanent home in the capital city or on the road, the TWC is the primary conduit in Tasmania that enables and supports writers, both in their efforts to connect with readers and establish their own artistic, professional and business development.

Tasmanian Writers Centre | Phone: 03 62240029 | | Website



  1. Thanks for letting us know about this, Lisa.

    Money in Tasmania is always tight, and government funding is especially hard to come by. I hope the TWC find some way of making it through, because they do a fantastic job and the writing from Tassie is so good.


  2. As a member of the Tas Writer’s Centre this is very sad for Tasmania since the Liberal Government cut so much of their funding. Once again we feel the liberals in this state cut funds to the arts and put money in the almighty sport arena. It really is discouraging.

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    • Well, let’s not let it happen. I’ve already made a donation and will do so again when I’ve dealt with the water bill we’re going to have after a pipe burst underneath our house! The plumber thinks it will be about $2000 because of course it happened over Easter when we couldn’t get anyone to come and fix it.


      • Oh dear, this is distressing. My Tasmanian-based brother is flying home tonight. I’ll also point him at this.

        BTW Your burst pipe reminded me that the last time that happened to us was a public holiday Monday. The plumber came with his young daughter in tow, which was rather lovely. In our case, Mr Gums was to blame – he hit it while we were doing our landscaping – so we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. Lesson: don’t do work like this on a public holiday.


        • Lake Wynsome (named after our house since It stretched from one side of it to the other) is not our fault at all. It’s not even an old galvanised iron pipe overdue for replacement, it’s a new one from our renovation in 2000. The pipe was sealed last Wednesday and we’ve still got damp patches in the front garden – the plumber can’t inspect underneath for safety reasons for at least a month and I have my fingers crossed that there’s no structural damage to the joists.
          On top of the fridge packing it in last month and having just paid a deposit on our next holiday, we may be eating baked beans for a while…
          This is a good time to remember Erasmus — ‘When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.’

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  3. I’ve had friends emailing about this issue which was discussed on ABC radio yesterday. Dire times indeed!


    • I suppose it’s possible that the government could be shamed into giving them more, but I think the Australian literary community needs to show that Tasmanian writing matters by putting hand to pocket!


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