Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 14, 2018

Bookings now open for the 2018 Williamstown Literary Festival June 16-17

Just a quick post to let you know that bookings are now open for the 2018 Williamstown Literary Festival next June 16-17!

Apart from the not-to-be-missed chance to hear Shokoofeh Azar in conversation with me (on the Sunday at 10.30, chatting about her Stella prize-shortlisted book The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree), there are 80 authors at over 50 events, including authors whose books I’ve read and loved:

The non-fiction sessions are very strong. There’s a lot to choose from but I’ve bought my tickets for:

  • Barry Hill in conversation with Richard Tanter about essay-writing;
  • Michael Smith in conversation with Rob Brown about his record-breaking solo flight in a flying boat.  (I’m probably going to buy the book for The Offspring who #ProudMotherBraggin’ has just got his Commercial Pilot’s Licence.  (Not that I’m encouraging him to try anything involving flying with no support team and only basic flying instruments!) and
  • a panel discussion called ‘Has Facebook killed citizen journalism?’

I’ve also got a ticket for a workshop about interview techniques for writing memoir and family history (not that I plan to write either, but I’m interested because I’m currently reading Sonya Voumard’s Skin in the Game: The pleasure and pain of telling true stories which discusses the ethics of interviewing and journalism). There are other workshops too – for cartoonists and picture book illustrators – and there is a beaut program for children too.

So.  You know what to do.  Get onto the WillyLitFest website and get your tickets! (Don’t mess about, tickets to smaller festivals sell out fast.)

I’ll try to remember to wear my ANZ LitLovers name badge so if you see me, come up and say hello.  Between sessions you’ll probably find me at the festival bookstore…





  1. Sounds like a wonderful program Lisa. Wish I’d could come, but with a trip away for most of July and on stand-by for the big birth at the beginning of July, we can’t really fit in another trip away. I shall just have to enjoy vicariously through your write-ups!!

    Good luck with the conversation, too.


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