Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 17, 2018

2018 Miles Franklin Award shortlist

This Miles Franklin Award shortlist was announced today!

2018 shortlist:

    • Felicity Castagna: No More Boats (Giramondo Publishing) see my review
    • Michelle de Kretser: The Life to Come (Allen & Unwin) see my review
    • Eva Hornung: The Last Garden (Text Publishing) see my review
    • Catherine McKinnon: Storyland (HarperCollins Publishers) see my review
    • Gerald Murnane: Border Districts (Giramondo Publishing) see my review
    • Kim Scott: Taboo (Picador Australia) see my review

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!

The winner will be announced on 26th August 2018.


  1. Since you’ve read them all, what’s your prediction? And which one would YOU pick?


    • Oh Kate, it’s impossible to predict!
      I’ve said this before: I think that the Murnane should win because he’s a serious contender for the Nobel Prize and now that the US has woken up to that, he’s getting even more international recognition, and yet he has never won our most prestigious prize for outstanding literature. He says this is his last work of fiction, so maybe this is the last opportunity to acknowledge his greatness. I would love him to win it.

      But prize committees are strange creatures with many competing agendas, so I may be disappointed yet again on Murnane’s behalf. Having said that, all these books are great books, and I couldn’t be cross if any of them won.

      But oh, what fun it would be (and what a great boost for regional tourism!) to have the prize ceremony in Goroke! Well, not Goroke, it hasn’t even got a pub, but Murnane, who famously doesn’t travel, could be persuaded to go to Horsham, I’m sure. Miles Franklin herself would approve of a prize ceremony in Horsham…

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  2. Yes Lisa. I agree with all you say. He is well overdue recognition as one of our best.

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  3. I wish I was able to make extensive erudite comments on these choices but the reality is that I’ve not heard of any of these authors. I wonder how many of them will ever get to be published in the UK so I can experience them??

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    • Try the Book Depository. I haven’t looked up all of them but they have Michelle de Kretser and Gerald Murnane…


      • I keep forgetting about Book Depository


        • I don’t like buying from Amazon, but sometimes when buying books from other countries, it’s the only way…

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          • If I want a book in a hurry then they are the best option ….


            • Yes, but when we’re not, we buy from local booksellers!


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