Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 24, 2018

Small Ways to Shape Our World, by Igniting Change

Igniting Change is a small organisation that aims to change the lives of people doing it tough.  This is from their website:

We are a purposely small organisation that’s passionate about sparking big, positive change with people doing it tough in our communities. We are moved by the humanity and courage of the people we are privileged to work with. We listen, we remain open-minded, we uncover what’s hidden from everyday eyes, we’re guided by the people who experience the issues, we connect unlikely experts to create new thinking and above all we strive to give a voice to people experiencing injustice and inequality. Solid governance and independent funding enable us to take risks when backing outstanding people and organisations, cutting-edge investments that have a real chance of catalysing social change. We call this ‘igniting change’ and we love what we do.

One of their projects is to offer inspirational ways to encourage people to make a difference.  They know that many people find problems too big, too overwhelming and too hard to tackle.  So this simple text offers ways to make small changes that will make a difference.  It’s only 112 pages long, and since there’s text only on one side of a double-page spread, it means there are only just over 50 ideas to consider.  This is from their blurb:

Small Changes x Lots of People = Big Change We want to be part of the solution, not the problem; but the issues facing us – whether local or global – often seem too hard to tackle. We hope this meaningful, practical and simple book will inspire you to make changes in your everyday life that will quietly reshape our world. Often all it takes is a moment to look beyond the label, under the surface, and do something small, remembering that little things count. They add up and often cost you nothing. They ignite change and make the people around you happier. Small Ways to Shape Our World is an inspiring call to action, a powerful reminder that there’s more to life than what you see, and a guide to reshaping our world with small acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and quiet rebellion.

Here are some samples (some pages have links to organisations which are change-makers too):

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So why would you buy this book? It’s only $10 from the Igniting Change website, (available from December 2018) and it supports a worthy cause.

And it might change your life, as well as someone else’s.



  1. Intriguing. It’s all too easy to think what we do doesn’t make a difference, but of course it really can.


    • Well yes, I think that in some ways we have come to depend on social services to look after people for us, when we need really to take more of a personal responsibility for nurturing a sense of community.

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  3. […] Lisa also posted on this lovely little book. […]


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