Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 14, 2018

2018 Voss Literary Prize longlist

The Voss Literary Prize longlist was announced today, and I’ve read all but two of them!

Felicity Castagna, No More Boats  see my review

Michelle De Kretser, The Life to Come see my review

Richard Flanagan, First Person see my review

Eva Hornung, The Last Garden see my review

Sofie Laguna, The Choke see Theresa’s review at Theresa Smith Writes

Catherine McKinnon, Storyland see my review

Gerald Murnane, Border Districts see my review

Bram Presser, The Book of Dirt see my review

Jane Rawson, From the Wreck see my review

Pip Smith, Half Wild see Theresa’s review at Theresa Smith Writes Update 2/12/18 See my review.

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers:)

PS I’m don’t have the dates for the shortlist and winner announcements.  We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled!


  1. Yes, a few champagne corks popping tonight!


  2. Many thanks for all literary prize updates ( long, short lists and winners)
    It helps me so much to zoom in on some amazing Australian books,
    I just finished The Enigmatic Mr. Deakin….hmmm.


    • You’re welcome, Nancy. I do try to keep up but these days most of the prize publicists don’t bother emailing press releases so it depends on what I see on Twitter. Which is a haphazard way of keeping up, I know.

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  3. I loved Half Wild and The Choke.


    • That’s good, Theresa, because I have given up on Laguna after abandoning both of hers. No, I lie, I abandoned The Eye of the Sheep and didn’t even open The Choke after reading the blurb. #EpicFail I’d never heard of the other one…
      Do you have reviews I can link to?

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  4. Pip Smith’s Half Wild is extraordinary.


    • That’s a good recommendation too, thanks:)


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