Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 26, 2018

Book giveaway winner The Word, by William Lane

I apologise for drawing this giveaway a little late: I was distracted by a disaster last night involving scrapbooking and the wrong sort of glue…

Anyway… The Word by William Lane is the book, and this is the blurb:

William ‘s Lane’s disarming new novel, The Word, brilliantly satirises the ways in which we use language to define our lives. Kenric is an oddball advertising eccentric who possesses an unusual gift for language. The brands he names, sell. Yet he comes to believe advertising uses language too cynically. He is inspired by Maria to abandon the corporate world and establish a small residential community called The Word. The idealistic community relocates from Pittwater to a warehouse in industrial Mount Druitt, gathering about it others concerned with the misuse of language.
The Word is both a charming ensemble piece of unforgettable characters, and an astute and humorous exploration of the ways in which language beguiles and creates connections, but also misleads. Lane understands the human tendency to seek answers and directions in the unlikeliest of individuals but is happy to show us the folly of doing so. As such the novel parallels current world trends while evoking with candour Sydney’s watery beauty and suburban harshness.

The book is published by award-winning Transit Lounge and the ISBN is 9781925760088.

There were nine entries and the draw using a random number generator at was…


No 5: Cherie!  Congratulations:)

Please remember that it is a condition of entry that you contact me with your postal address for delivery of the book within 10 days of the date of this post.   So Cherie, if you don’t get in touch, using the contact address right at the bottom of the RHS menu (where I hide it from spammers in all the yada-yada about copyright) then I will re-draw to choose a new winner.

Many thanks to Transit Lounge for the giveaway copy.  If you missed out this time, here’s the link to buy your own copy:

Available from Fishpond The Word and direct from Transit Lounge

Giveaway copy courtesy of Transit Lounge

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