Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 12, 2018

Richard Denniss’s Dead Right (Quarterly Essay 70, 2018)

I’ve got a copy of this, but I haven’t read it yet and I doubt if I could write a better review than this one by Jonathan Shaw who blogs at Me Fail? I Fly. Do take note of the suggestions for revitalising our democracy.

Me fail? I fly!

Richard Denniss, Dead Right: How neoliberalism ate itself and what comes next (Quarterly Essay 70, 2018)


If, like me, you expect an essay on economics to be dry and jargon-ridden, you will be relieved to find that this Quarterly Essay is witty, passionate and accessible. On the 2018 Sydney Writers’ Festival podcast of Richard Denniss discussing his previous book, Curing Affluenza, there are a number of Anna Russell ‘I’m not making this up’ moments: the audience laughs at a piece of snark about the workings of capitalism and right-wing politics, and Denniss protests that what he has just said is the simple truth. These pages bristle with the written equivalents of those moments. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t real

The main thesis:

Neoliberalism, the catch-all term for all things small government, has been the ideal cloak behind which to conceal enormous shifts in Australia’s wealth and…

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  1. Wonderful review of a fascinating essay, Lisa! Thanks for sharing!


    • It’s good, isn’t it?! Sometimes I come across a review by one of my blogging friends – especially with NF books, and I think, I could not do better than that and I want everyone to read it:)


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